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  • Clearvillage-ed01_177_

    From Inhabitat's blog...

    Attention all eco-minded architects, designers, and green building professionals!

    Are you interested in charting the future of sound, sustainable living? Now is the perfect time to get involved - the C.L.E.A.R. Village Lab is looking for talented and progressive thinkers from every profession to come together at the Institute of Advanced Architecture in Barcelona from June 4th-6th 2009 to co-design a real-life eco-village. This exciting program offers the opportunity to collaborate with some of the brightest minds in sustainability to create a green development from the ground up that you could live, work, and relax in.

    Apply for the C.L.E.A.R. Village Lab today

    Founded by the C.L.E.A.R. Village Foundation, the Village Lab will convene 100 sustainability experts to conceive of a series of C.L.E.A.R. villages, and will then send them to a set of canvas locations to make their plans a reality. The foundation will then share the results and build a bundled knowledge package to support other villages around the world. This is an exciting opportunity to interact with the complex problem of climate change in rural in urban settings, since villages offer the perfect scale to find solutions to some of our greater societal challenges.

    Every profession is invited to apply, from architects, to town planners, clean tech engineers, politicians, marketing consultants, and academics, so submit your registration today!

  • Ypc_invite_5v

    On February 26, 2009, the Bpeace Young Professionals Committee will host a benefit for a vocational beauty school we are building in Rwanda. Beauty and fashion are important to Rwandan culture, and the demand for services exceeds the availability of skilled labor. While salons historically imported employees from neighboring countries, Bpeace mentees identified an opportunity to train local women through the creation of a beauty school. The entire school is projected to only cost $100,000 USD (a brief presentation is attached).

    The program features a fashion show, ethnic music and recognition of several notable figures who have raised awareness in Africa.

    Bpeace is reaching out to our peers to share this special evening with us and help raise awareness. All DESIGN 21 members are invited!

  • Doodle_logo_177_

    Cooper-Hewitt, National Design Museum has partnered with Google Inc. for its “Doodle 4 Google” design competition. K-12 students from across the country are challenged to think like designers, using Google’s iconic logo to convey their hopes and dreams inspired by the theme, “What I wish for the world.”

    On May 21, 2009 the winning student’s design will be the doodle of the day on the Google home page. The top four designs along with the 40 regional winners will be featured in a special exhibition at Cooper-Hewitt (May 21–July 5, 2009). The exhibition will focus on the problem-solving nature of the design process and will include educational programs for teachers and students.

    Students’ designs will be judged on artistic merit, creativity, representation of the theme and other criteria. A panel of independent judges and representatives from Google and Cooper-Hewitt will select the top doodles across age groups, from which the public will help select the final four designs. The grand-prize winner will be announced at an event hosted at Cooper-Hewitt and the Google New York Office on May 20, 2009. The doodle will be displayed on the Google home page the following day. Courtesy of Google, the champion “doodler” will also receive a $15,000 college scholarship and a $25,000 technology grant for the student’s school. This year’s competition also includes a $10,000 award to recognize the school district with the greatest-quality participation.


  • D21 Members Invited to High Performance Design in NYC

    Environment, Environmental Design

    DESIGN 21 members have been officially invited by Michael Block and the Sustainability Practice Network. to attend "Panel Discussion: High Performance Design - the Next Generation".

    In partnership with the US Green Buildings Council NY, panelists include: Fiona Cousins, Principal, Arup; Anthony Pereira, President, Alternative Power; Colin Cathcart, Principal, Kiss + Cathcart; Matthew Herman, CoSA, Buro Happold.

    Date: Tuesday, January 20, 2009 Time: 6:00pm - 8:00pm Venue: USGBC NY - Alexander Hamilton Custom House, One Bowling Green NY NY 10014 Moderator: Michael Gresty, President, Kinetix

    Panel Description: The trend in high performance design now positions LEED as the minimum standard. The next generation of high performance buildings will aim to be carbon neutral, achieve net zero energy, zero water, and zero waste. Enabled by advanced engineering, material ingenuity, lower costs for dynamic modeling software, 3D imaging and 3D fabrication, advanced green buildings are already changing the markets. This panel of experts in architectural design, engineering, real estate development, and renewable energy will explore the future of high performance design, including innovations such as distributed energy generation and highly adaptable infrastructure.

    RSVP There is a ten dollar suggested donation at the door. For more information, or to join SPN, visit

  • 500 Green Map Projects - a New Milestone!

    Environment, Environmental Design


    *Announcing a New Milestone in Leadership Development!! *

    Along with our locally-led global network of Mapmakers, we are all pleased to celebrate new beginnings while we welcome new Green Map projects from all parts of the globe.

    In October we reached the 500 project mark with the involvement of Grupo Aves del Perú. With their own Mapa Verde, they will focus attention on Cusco's struggling bird habitats! The commitment of partners like these underscores our ability to help support biodiversity as well as green innovation, culture and social justice efforts in communities worldwide.

    To date in 2008, we have added 72 new Green Map projects, topping all previous year-end totals! October's new projects hail from near (NYU's Tourism program & Rochester NY) and far, including India (Gandhinagar), Romania (Bistrita & Livezile), Germany (Halle & Neustadt), Scotland (Dunipace Green), San Francisco and St. Thomas, Virgin Islands. Clearly, our efforts to provide support for these initiatives in the form of mapmaking resources, websites, workshop materials, youth modules and project publicity have worldwide impacts!

    Announcing New Supporters

    We hope you will join our newest supporters in assuring that each of these 502 projects has all the help they need to provide compelling Green Maps to help build sustainable communities. Special thanks to the socially responsible body care company Natura Cosmeticos for helping us invite all Spanish and Portuguese speakers, especia...

  • Green_drinks_logo_177_

    FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Contact: Sarah Butsch (t) 646-330-4829; (f) 212-680-3107 e-mail: website:

    Green Drinks NYC Networks at "The Park"

    NEW YORK – Oct. 14, 2008 – Green Drinks NYC presents its monthly environmental networking event at "The Park" on Tuesday, Oct. 14th from 6-10pm. These monthly events provide a platform for environmental enthusiasts to build lasting partnerships and friendships, to connect with employers and employees, and to develop and exchange ideas. All events are open to the public.

    This month's event is sponsored by McGraw-Hill Professional and features the Book Launch of Seth Leitman's Build Your Own Electric Vehicle, Second Edition. The first 100 people to show up will either receive hard copies or e-book editions.

    The new, updated edition of Build Your Own Electric Vehicle contains everything that made the first edition so popular while adding all the technological advances and new parts that are readily available on the market today. Seth Leitman is president and managing member of the ETS Energy Store, LCC, which sells organic, natural, and sustainable products for business and home use. Previously, Leitman worked for the New York State Power Authority and the New York State Energy Research and Development Authority, where he helped develop, market, and manage electric and hybrid vehicle programs serving New York State and the New York metropolitan area.

    At 8pm, hear from Se...

  • A Closer Look at Sustainability... Through Film

    Environment, Environmental Design


    "Sustainability" is a word whose term so many of us use, yet its definition is often vague or controversial. Environmental economist and television producer Pamela Peeters hosted the third annual "Sustainable Planet” ™ film festival on July 19th at the Chelsea Art Museum, offering clarity to a group of interested New Yorkers; a local program with a global message.

    Now in its third year, Sustainable Planet promotes sustainable development by bringing together filmmakers with for-profit and non-profit organizations to watch movies and discuss sustainable solutions. Titles screened came from India, Belgium, the USA, France, Haiti, Lebanon, Germany, Australia, and Brazil and showcased community building efforts and/or environmental care practices.

    Sometimes, the best way to learn about a topic is through an overview of such a topic, which is pertinent in every industry. The showcase highlighted different perspectives and provoked thought among its viewers and expert visitors. Panel discussions ranged from "Sustainable Urban Lifestyle Solutions" to "Art and Education" and "Heritage for a Sustainable Future." Panelists featured included Alberto Gonzalez of Gusto Organics, Margaret Lydecker of Green Drinks, and Dr. Robert Kirkbride of Parsons The NEW School for Design, to name a few.

    Hats off to Peeters for posing tough questions to a highly reputed selection of industry leaders in New York!

    About the festival “Sustainable Plan...

  • Workout on the River

    Environment, Environmental Design


    This is the neatest idea I've seen in a long time! I do hope it gets implemented in NYC... - Marissa

    Human-Powered River Gymnasiums for New York

    Mitchell Joachim & Douglas Joachim

    The motion starved environments we live in are the antithesis of our being. Perhaps the most primal of all human function is locomotion. We need to move more!

    Our concept encapsulates a new typology for the contemporary urban gym. It is intended to challenge our innate proprioceptive and multi-planer locomotive abilities while synchronously altering the surroundings. The River Gym will fulfill one of the major contemporary fitness goals of “functional training”. This training protocol will exploit the inherent disequilibrium of floatation devices. Often the average urbanite exercising at the gym performs controlled repetitive single plane movements using industrial fitness equipment. All of this energy is summarily dissipated and ultimately exhausted for the sake of a single individual’s wellbeing. Other potentials exist to harness this vast human expenditure of caloric energy. Why not have the simple transfer of this workout vigor supply New York with needed supplemental transport and amenities? How can we extend and capitalize on this untapped group potential? Into what form will this new kind of gym evolve?

    By continuing to provide vital health amenities, the River Gym can leave the realm of the glass box and become a useful multi-planar kinetic space. Envision your gy...

  • NY de Volunteer Institutional Relations Department July 9, 2008

    NYC Kids Explore Japanese Culture Explore Japanese Culture: An After-School Program Sponsored by Derek Jeter of the New York Yankees

    NY de Volunteer, a non-profit organization, held a very successful program called “Explore Japanese Culture: An After-School Program” recognized by the City of New York at six recreational centers located around Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens and the Bronx from September 2007 to June 2008.

    The objective of this program is to offer children in the local communities of New York an experience of other cultures and expand their expand their horizons in an effort to foster a new generation of global citizens. The program met weekly for two-hour sessions in the evening, gathering almost 50 children between the ages of six and thirteen and immersing them in a multifaceted experience of Japanese lifestyle and culture, including Japanese language, games, food, martial arts, tea ceremony, and dance. Furthermore, we invited Americans with experience living in Japan as guest speakers and potential role models for the children.

    Today, in a world where diversity education is required more than ever, this type of hands-on cultural program is a first – even for New York City. The children learned about Japan - a faraway country which they knew little or nothing about - learned to look at the world with different eyes, and developed a curiosity for unfamiliar traditions. On the final day of thi...

  • Open Green Map on a Roll!

    Environment, Environmental Design

    Open Green Map on a Roll!

    The enthusiasm is building as the Open Green Map project goes into full-scale production. Already a finalist in the NetSquared Challenge and presented at Beyond Broadcasting and Where 2.0 conferences, this inclusive, participatory social mapping website will put thousands of hopeful green sites from around the world on the map! Open Green Map will also share the public's insights, images and impacts about each of these significant places.

    Mixing social networking, familiar Google Map technology and Green Map’s award-winning iconography, Open Green Map will create a common platform for Green Mapmakers, Green Map users, and a global public that is becoming more and more adept at living green. Users of OGM will be able to select the themes they are most interested in, and explore the world from a fresh vantage point. They will also have quick access to the unique 'traditional' Green Maps published locally in each city, town or region.

    We believe that every community has resources to help individuals build healthier, greener communities together. But up until now, too many people lack the awareness and access they need to find and connect with those resources. Open Green Map will energize the booming green innovation, ‘go local’, regeneration and ecotourism movements with social networking and interactive mapping, empowering widespread participation in critical local environment, climate and equity issues worldwide.

    This season, a dozen ded...

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