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  • Adopt a Cause



    This week we discussed the possibility of adopting a New York cause. Coming together and leveraging our individual contacts could make a difference in the community. Therefore, in addition to networking, we could stand behind something to make a difference.

    Would you like to focus on sustainable design, environmental issues, renewable energy, etc.? Or, would you like to remain a social group?

    Please give us your ideas and feel free to respond with feedback.

  • Hi all,

    Do we want to focus on NYC based causes? If so, I'd like to suggest the project at o2nyc that I've been helping to spearhead. Its goal is to foster an ecodesign industry as a new economic sector for NYC. (I've mentioned it at a couple of our gatherings.) We're in the beginning stages of surveying and databasing the ecodesign and related business in the city with the second stage goal of a conference/expo to promote the individual businesses while drawing attention to the potential for this to be a significant growth industry for the city. It dovetails with the growing emphasis on "green collar jobs."

    There is more about the project at



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