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Mandaluyong, Philippines, Philippines


Member since June 11, 2007

  • How can we redesign a community?

    Poverty, Environmental Design

    What is a BETTER DESIGN for the greater good in redesigning a community? This is a question for everyone.

       In my recent visit to my hometown  in   Aurora  Province,  Philippines,

    I have noticed that there has'nt been a change since I last visited in year 2004. Going there and passing thru the Sierra Madre Mountains where the province is bounded, still took 4hours of neck injuring travel traversing to the almost- all-dirt and partial concrete road we have to pass before we can reach the first town which is Maria Aurora, Aurora. In 2004 just few months after i last visited, the Province of Aurora was hardest hit by typhoon Winnie, which devastated and the more bruised the province. The World had seen on news and tv how one(1) town and its people, my birth town of Dingalan almost perished to the sea because they were swept by big floods coming from the mountains with tons of tons of big logs. Thousands of lives, properties as well as animals were all swept to the sea. Now after several years of that fateful and painful date, the province is trying to rise into new beginnings, life has to go on, alhough the wound had healed the scar are still visible. Now going around towns, I can still see traces of the devastations; broken roads and bridges, coconut/fruit trees still not bearing good fruits, etc. And though some roads and some bridges have been repaired and replaced, still plenty had not been touched. The children have to walk several miles and ...