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Jefferson Rall

Jacksonville, FL, United States

Designer (Graphic Design)

Member since June 10, 2007

  • Great info!



    Love your blog. It's relevant and necessary for those of us who want to bring global issues to the forefront through good design. I'm also seeing it's news worthy potential as an up to date resource.

    Thanks! I'm inspired.


  • Andrew, great piece. I just watched the opening ceremonies and it was, with out a doubt, an incredible vision of world harmony done with artistic charisma, I'm sure rivaling future celebrations of it's kind. Not to mention it's technological discipline and international awe. It was absolutely a mask. You are right.

    The stage is set, the players in position and the directors poised. So the show begins. But when a country that has so much to hide gets a shot at entertaining the world, they had better make it spectacular, right? The lights and the dance and the pure character of China's people are indeed powerful tools in the hands of this current government. I would say, they nailed it. That is, they succeeded in interpreting what the rest of the world deems as important or truthful, and they did it better than most.

    The themes presented were so harmonious to the "doing good" conscience. So targeted to the thoughtful melting pot of what's relevant now. So, the marketing was done, the demographic chosen, and the budget ramped up to an uncompromising sum, then executed to evoke emotion and sympathy.

    In today's world, if you are semi-intelligent, it should be easy to see this obvious equation. Communicate want they want to hear, in a way that entertains and beckons.

    What should scare us about China? Not only what you've mentioned, but maybe that they are echoing western societies values and methods to mask pain, doubt, and fear. Entertain to the marketable, in a wa...

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