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Peter Jakubik


Designer (Furniture Design)

Member since June 23, 2011

Peter Jakubik (born 9 april 1979 , PreŇ°ov) received his Master of Arts from Academy of Fine Art and design in Bratislava. Peter Jakubik is an accomplished designer and brings together his experiences in designer leadership, creative consulting in fashion and lifestyle product design. Peter combines a talent for provoking ideas with a passion for spicy details.

My Work Samples / View all (5) Work Samples

  • 2011-blackboard-storage-cabinet-by-peter-jakubik-01_thumb_57
  • 2011-diy-panton-chair-by-peter-jakubik-01_thumb_57
  • 2011-widow-hand-bag-by-peter-jakubik-01_thumb_57
  • 2011-oval-mirror-libertine-by-peter-jakubik-01_thumb_57
  • 2011-fetish-high-heel-paper-bag-art-peter-jakubik-buy-high_thumb_57

Provoking ideas with a passion for spicy details

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Peter Jakubik

My Interests

  • Industrial Design
  • Environmental Design
  • Communication Design
  • Fashion Design
  • Audio/Visual Design