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golsana heshmati

berkeley, california, United States

Designer (Lighting Design)

Member since June 21, 2011

  • A window to 11h ahead

    Arts & Culture, Audio/Visual Design


    Recently I got the idea of a conceptual lighting project which has got me thinking for a while, I'd like to share the idea here in my blog to see what other people think of it. As a 26 year old immigrant living in united states I am dealing with the reality of being apart from what is called my childhood, my memories and my so called home. As we all know and are involved with, under the circumstances of modern life the level of mobility has increased drastically, also our motifs for dislocation has grown. We migrate more often and to distant destinations.As a result of this we lose our stablished social grounds. More recently we have employed numerous technologies to compensate this loss.However the digital world fails to satisfy most of our emotional necessities linked to what we call "Home". The project is a 24 hour video recorded from a window opening to the city of Tehran projected on a wall in my place in San Francisco. The time difference will be 11 hours so the viewer is perceiving a time that is 11 hours ahead of him. Here I wanted to challenge the idea of a mobile architecture where the physical and virtual space can coexist at the same time. These different special time aspects and interpretations of duration and communication have reached a complexity which affects our perception of space. Since we have moved from an idea-based society to a process-based society where knowledge is being replaced by complex fields of information, How can we be so Sure that...

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