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Courtney Warren

Bakersfield, California, United States


Member since June 09, 2007

  • Twilight and Dreams

    Arts & Culture, Audio/Visual Design


    As you might have already guessed, I am a fan of Japanese animation. Please don't assume that the images used to decorate my blogs belong to me-I assume no ownership over them. They are masterpieces created by skillful animators and artists. The second image was a group image from the anime 'Pokemon', while the first one came from the anime series 'Sailor Moon'. I am particularly obsessed with an anime called 'Gravitation', and am an fanfic author of, but I enjoy all kinds of Japanese animation. In my eyes, Lady Maki Murakami is one of the greatest manga artists out there. She's responsible for the Gravitation series, which features homosexual romance.

    I'm a fanatic of 'yaoi' romance, which was born within Japanese culture. Gravitation is merely the tip of the iceberg-so many other tales of romance reside out there, in the great world we dwell in. Here I would like to share a piece of my latest Gravitation fanfiction, 'Take Me Home'. Please note that I take no ownership over Gravitation, or over any anime. Thank you. ~~~*~

    Perfect. That’s how I’d describe everything. That’s how I’d describe my life...the life I once shared with you. That’s exactly how I’d describe your smiles, every time they lifted themselves into the world I had been blessed with. That’s how I’d describe you, whenever you were even within a fifty mile radius of me.

    Everything was perfect, for you were everything that was. You were everything that I lived for-everything I still live for. My heart sang for you, for you were the most beautiful miracle that lived beyond the sunset-and yet kept yourself near me. You poured out everything, and I caught it all. You finally opened yourself to me, and I felt as though the world had become the most blissful, beautiful utopia. I finally felt that everything had become perfect...but I turned out to be sorely mistaken.

    You were happy. I saw that within those eyes of yours. You had finally become happy, and I was there at your side. The sun had finally emerged from its bed, pleased with everything that had become bright-and had once been so dark, covered in oblivion. I was there whenever you poured sunlight across the world, there to see how bright and radiant you were even as you scowled. Even as you made yourself out to be discontent you were beautiful, beaming even brighter than the goddesses themselves.

    For weeks I’ve been trying to reclaim that sunlight. For eons on end I’ve been trying to escape, trying to catch a glimpse of the angel that was once mine. For endless days and nights I’ve been without rest, pushing myself in front of the common people’s eyes. Even as I’ve performed I’ve thought of you, and only you. You were my music, my sun and soul-you were the very reason for my existence. And now that reason’s drifting away from me.

    You’ve told me you don’t understand, but I’m singing. I sing for you, for the angel that decided to love me. This mortal’s trying to sing for the one he wants to spend the rest of his life with, but that angel can’t even hear me. I can feel you drifting from me, even as I sit here. As the days go by, you drift farther and farther into the world that gave birth to you-and I sit here, in danger of losing my very life.

    You call, but I never answer. You don’t understand, but I understand perfectly. There’s nothing that can be said over the phone, Eiri. Every time I even think of you, you take my breath away. If I’m going to be breathless, I’d rather do it in person. -Shuichi Shindou

    He was sitting in the lobby of a hotel, looking through a window as the very picture of loneliness. Amethyst eyes had been molded into jewels of sadness by the hands of time, and were staring into the everlasting abyss of reality. Items of all sorts, ranging from cars to children, streamed in front of his eyes without full registration, only coming across to him as unimportant blobs. If one had looked upon him, they would have seen a lover pining for their long lost mate-and that wouldn’t have been too far from the truth.

    (Featured image: collage of Gravitation anime images)

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