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Courtney Warren

Bakersfield, California, United States


Member since June 09, 2007

  • Twilight and Dreams

    Arts & Culture, Audio/Visual Design


    As you might have already guessed, I am a fan of Japanese animation. Please don't assume that the images used to decorate my blogs belong to me-I assume no ownership over them. They are masterpieces created by skillful animators and artists. The second image was a group image from the anime 'Pokemon', while the first one came from the anime series 'Sailor Moon'. I am particularly obsessed with an anime called 'Gravitation', and am an fanfic author of, but I enjoy all kinds of Japanese animation. In my eyes, Lady Maki Murakami is one of the greatest manga artists out there. She's responsible for the Gravitation series, which features homosexual romance.

    I'm a fanatic of 'yaoi' romance, which was born within Japanese culture. Gravitation is merely the tip of the iceberg-so many other tales of romance reside out there, in the great world we dwell in. Here I would like to share a piece of my latest Gravitation fanfiction, 'Take Me Home'. Please note that I take no ownership over Gravitation, or over any anime. Thank you. ~~~*~

    Perfect. That’s how I’d describe everything. That’s how I’d describe my life...the life I once shared with you. That’s exactly how I’d describe your smiles, every time they lifted themselves into the world I had been blessed with. That’s how I’d describe you, whenever you were even within a fifty mile radius of me.

    Everything was perfect, for you were everything that was. You were everything that I lived for-everything I st...

  • A Piece of 'Drive'

    Arts & Culture, Audio/Visual Design


    Welcome to a small piece of my project, 'Drive'. This is featured within the first chapter. Please enjoy. ~~~*~ I know you’ve been there.

    I know you’ve been swept into a storm when you stepped onto your porch, expecting a sunny day.

    I know you’ve struggled against a wave when you expected calm tides.

    Yeah, I know you’ve been there. I’ve been there too.

    My best friend and I moved into a new Realm, thinking that we would bring our dreams to life without a single problem.

    Damn it, were we wrong.

    When we stepped into the Ardigo Realm, we didn’t expect to land in the center of a tornado. When one hears of golden shores and calm waters, one does not expect to end up amongst raging tides. Oh sure, the sun was high and mighty for a minute, but things changed in the blink of an eye. Before we knew it, we were cast into the squall of the ages.

    Wanna know more? Well, follow me. You’ll be amazed to see how easy it is to change a world’s fate.

    -Tobias Halmuron ~~~*~ Stage One: Initiation

    The eyes of Illian Maldas scanned his current environment, searching for a defect that would have earned instant elimination. Gales of bloodied, broken bodies were scattered throughout the streets he had been assigned to, but none of them were earning any pity from the duteous officer. Without a single emotion in his eyes, he focused upon the possible discovery of a living body-a flame he most certainly would have snuffed out, without the slightest bit of hesitation. His eyes wer...

  • Prelude

    Communication, Communication Design


    Welcome to my Design21 Blog. Here I shall speak about my beliefs, desires and dreams. I bear the name of 'Courtney', and I am an aspiring author. I also wish to become a certified Real Estate Agent, screenwriter, and Activist. As of yet, I am not published, but hope to become in a short amount of time. It took my entire life to lead to the project I'm working on, but I finally found the story I'm meant to write-the first story that shall begin my accomplishments as a writer.

    It bears the title 'Drive', and it features two young protagonists of the planet Kisa-Mireille Aranai and Tobias Halmuron. They move from the devastation of their old lives into a new home, believing that they're getting the chance to begin anew within a peaceful setting. All of that quickly changes as they're propelled into a fight against homophobia, and eventually the destruction of their entire galaxy.

    Our heroes dwell within the Ardigo Realm, which would be known as 'Ardigo City' in our terms. The Atelier (the government of Ardigo) is leading all of Ardigo's inhabitants on a bloody battle against the Realm's homosexuals, who are labeled as 'abnormalities'. Tobias enters the picture as an aspiring singer, suffering from a singing slump while his childhood friend 'Mimi' enters the picture as a photographer-which places her at the front lines of battle.

    The 'abnormalities' of the Ardigo Realm all bear the emblem of a golden eagle upon their bodies, which enables them to choose mates without the risk ...

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