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Russell Kerr

Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

Director, The Works, Communication Design for Social Change

Member since May 25, 2011

  • Social Studio: Investigating contemporary Social Design ethos for studio practice.

    Education, Communication Design


    I would like to introduce readers to my PhD project that is Investigating contemporary Social Design ethos for studio practice.

    The research examines how Social Design is defined within the design community, with a view to understanding how these opinions translate into real world situations. This research is grounded in Graphic Design practice however it will explore Social Design in the broader context of multidisciplinary Design practice.

    A primary aim of this research is to investigate whether or not the process of Social Design is more important than the Design Artifacts that it generates? Do you apply Social Design to situations rather than create Social Design artifacts?

    This research aims to identify ways in which the context of a project, studio, designer, client, location and shared experience has on Social Design. I wonder when does this context inform engagement with Social Change and when does this engagement deliver Social Change.

    The aim of this research is to examine contemporary Social Design practice in the context of design thinking and meaningful engagements with social change. What does it mean to practice Social Design. How can Social Design have longevity and be more than a passing fad? How is academia responding to increased interest in Social Design.

    If you are interested in finding out more about the project please visit my website at Social Studio

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