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Haruko Smith

New York, NY, United States


Member since June 07, 2007

  • Re: STUPID COmpetition


    In response to STUPID COmpetition, posted by Jose Cardona,
    in the thread STUPID COmpetition

    There was an unusually low number of entries (only 25) and unfortunately the quality fell short of expectations.

    With the goal of commercialization we had to take all of the criteria below (stated in the Brief) into consideration: Overall effectiveness: How well the design matches the theme and express the concept. Creativity: How original and new the design is Practicality: How successfully and easily can the design be put into production Ecological viewpoint: How well does the design respond to environmental concerns in terms of production techniques, reusability, recyclability, etc?

    We understand that you put time and effort into creating your entry, and we are very sorry that you ended up being disappointed.

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Unless it's a natural object, everything that surrounds us was designed by somebody.

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