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Bogotá DC, Colombia, Colombia

Designer (Graphic Design)

Member since May 24, 2011

roused by the creation of visual signs, from very small there is development an excellent olfaction for the good images, many of them still rotate to my around, because they become partly of our life, they are so inmersion in the culture that is impossible to do without of them.
I don't have an university title I never persevered in a classroom of classes, but my favorite friends are the pencil and the paper; I love that I make and I will follow it making, there is not better way to transmit a message that with that of a good image.

I have a special interest it has more than enough art and culture, environment and communication, because they are with those that have had the opportunity to work, and for which I sit down a special interest as for the development of technical and model that arrive to the biggest number possible of people, receiving appropriate, practical and efficiently the information that you/they are wanted to communicate. the masses have the right today in day of receiving instruction so much educational as of entertainment it has more than enough art and culture, because this helps first to recognize who are through our identity, and to look at ourselves in front of the other one, to that that we don't still know or very little, for the same thing to identify us and then to be able to communicate in way responsible with those other cultures, this believes spaces for the popularization, the knowledge, the investigation and on the other hand the tolerance, the respect and the valuation in other ways and cultural manifestations; this it is in my concept the angular stone of maintaining fraternal relationships among the towns of the world.

the images have been and they are the man's better language

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geometría en construcción

My Interests

  • Industrial Design
  • Environmental Design
  • Communication Design
  • Fashion Design
  • Audio/Visual Design