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  • stanasia


    I so agree! Open source is the key to the internets success. And its attraction.

    With new forums of communication opening up as a result of its inception, it has managed to bring closer together communities local and global.

    It is helping us redefine what a 'community' is to each and every one of us.

    Isolation for ones perceptions or interests are nullified on the internet. If one's own hometown community ostracizes - the internet invites. Go out in the world and find like minded people? Just surf the web.

    Yes there are others out there just like you - or me.

    This is a very powerful tool. As it stands, censoring the internet and its content that flows forth is already in place in many countries. That in and of itself bottlenecks some traffic. Without open source - who is to say how the internet traffic will be censored and monitored - and for which purpose and whose intentions.

    Open source keeps the big companies always looking over their shoulders. It is the best way to keep the internet from becoming like the broadcast industry - controlled and contrived by 5 main media moguls.

    As a result? Video may have killed the radio star - but it was big broadcasters that killed the tv!

    Boring programming that execs decide will run. No variety. Mainstream media at best because it is more likely to get ad dollars.

    With so many more choices out there - open source should be a backbone to all. If we don't keep the playing field open and fair - we will end up with a few large conglomerates steering us through cyberspace and we all know that trained monkeys in suits rarely have an original idea, much less a good one.

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