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Shomik Chaudhuri

New York, New York, United States

UN Representative

Member since June 05, 2007

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    The story of IISD’s path to success through Self-Help Groups and Micro-Credit

    In least developed and developing countries, the problems of poverty, hunger and social exclusion are major concerns that are encountered in the endeavor to attain the Millennium Development Goals. They retard the growth and development of the economy and infect the social fabric of a nation like a disease.

    The horrific spectra of poverty and deprivation all around inspired the founders of the Institute to contribute to the eradication of poverty and hunger and improve the quality of life. That led to the formation of Institute of International Social Development – an international NGO, based and headquartered in Kolkata, India, registered under the Indian Companies Act to enable it to function as a public limited non-profit organization with accountability, transparency and professionalism. The Institute’s inspiration was the founding principles of the United Nations and its slogan ‘One Earth One Family’.

    The founding members of the Institute firmly believed that true sustainable development, progress and the eradication of all social ills like poverty and hunger can be brought about through the inculcation of intrinsic values at all levels and through the implementation of value-based grassroot level self-empowerment programs. To initiate the process, the Institute organized the First International Conference on ‘Values for a Better World’ in January 1997 within four months of its i...

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