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Sohail Moghal

Karachi, Pakistan

Designer (Writing)

Member since February 13, 2011

I am a highly experienced and proficient Urdu Linguist. Urdu is my native language while I enjoy good command of English also, hence I can work equally well in both languages.

  • My main language pair is: ENGLISH >< URDU (both ways)
  • Not only in Urdu, I also have near-native proficiency in three other major Pakistani languages i.e. SINDHI, PUNJABI and SERAIKI.

Currently I am the "Preferred Urdu Transcreator/Translator" of various agencies based worldwide, including the following:

* Burg Translations, Inc., USA
* Hogarthww, UK
* Tag, UK
* Bostico International, UK
* CSOFT Int'l, Beijing, CHINA
* ParagonL, Hong Kong
* Cluey Copywriters, Australia
* Compass Languages, USA
* WB Words Limited, UK
* Epic Translations, USA 
* Lingo24, UK
* A-A Language Services, USA
* UC Translations, USA

My CV and Translation Samples are always available for viewing and downloading on PPH:

My Proz profile is:

I have translated Bill Gates on TED ... please take a look:

(SOHAIL MOGHAL) SKYPE: sohailmoghal PHONE: +92 21 36700161 MOBILE: +92 333 3566946

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SOHAIL MOGHAL ... your own Urdu Transcreator & Translator

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SOHAIL MOGHAL ...your own Urdu Translator

My Interests

  • Industrial Design
  • Environmental Design
  • Communication Design
  • Fashion Design
  • Audio/Visual Design