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Sigrid Jones

United States

Member since February 11, 2011

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    In response to What's Your Vision of the Future?,
    in the thread

    As far as I know this initiative was launched last fall with a goal of extending the dialogue beyond policy and politics and toward inspiring, human-centered scenarios that create new possibilities for business and society. As Jennifer Leonard, IDEO designer and co-editor of mentioned, Living Climate Change was invented as an open invitation to designers and non-designers alike to think creatively about an issue that impacts us all. Their hope was that it would stimulate the kind of dialogue that creates community, supports optimism and inspires new choices. I think this initiative gave good results. There are many Climate Change videos but those works made by the winners of this challenge really made me stop and think about this serious issue that touches everyone. I truly hope initiatives like this will be further supported. We really need this if we want to change something.

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