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The blog of the communication design program at NOVA, Alexandria.

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  • Haiti—The Day After

    Aid, Communication Design

    One year after the mighty earthquake that devastated Haiti, the small Caribbean country still needs our help. The earthquake literally destroyed the capital Port-au-Prince, which counted a population of 704,766 as of the 2003 census. The Haiti earthquake is therefore considered to be "the largest urban disaster after WWII," as David Meltzer, senior vice president for international services at the American Red Cross, stated in an online live chat hosted by The Washington Post. Still much needs to be done to rebuild the country and ensure safer and healthier living conditions for its inhabitants. How can we, as the NOVA communication design community, help?

    In the wake of the earthquake, Moxie Sozo—the Boulder, Col. based creative agency that organized The Hurricane Poster Project to raise funds for the victims of Katrina—paired up with Josh Higgins, a San Diego, Calif. based art director who created The So-Cal Fire Poster Project to benefit the victims of the 2007 California wildfires. This design/humanitarian partnership resulted in [The Haiti Poster Project] (, a collaborative effort by the design community to help bring on change through design work. The Haiti Poster Project was launched on Jan. 15, 2010, only three days after the earthquake, and was open to all designers in the world. As of today, the website is still accepting submissions. All you need to do is design a poster for Haiti (minimum size 11x17), print at least 2...

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