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  • Kudos

    Community, Communication Design

    I have really enjoyed the experience of creating for a pro-bono project. I not only got a chance to evolve creatively, but I gained a deep satisfaction in knowing I did my part in helping to educate about HIV/AIDS awareness. This topic is close to my heart, in that at the age of 11, a dear family member of mine, lost their battle to the disease, so I am extremely proud to have been able to contribute my creativety and passion to helping the "Love Heals" organization.

    The total project that will be submitted will consist of three inspirational posters; three, alternating designed, event invitations, and a website. The final project will be uploaded to the organization as well as a posting of the images in my next blog.

  • Typographic message

    Arts & Culture

    I have begun working on three typographic invites for the non-profit organization "Love Heals." Staying true to the three inspirational poster series that I created recently, the three invitations will carry on the theme of "empower," "educate" and "volunteer." Each Invitation will carry one of the three themes with a typographic layout, as well, song lyrics that capture a New York state of mind, much like the poems that throughout the poster series.

  • Love-heals-posters_177_

    The following are the completed posters for a social awareness project I've been working on. It has been somewhat of a challenge creating the right feeling behind each poster. I wanted all three posters to work well together, but still retain an individual quality to evoke the message that each one displays. I decided to go with a slightly grudgy feel to capture the spirit of the city, since the main target audience would be the youth of New York, however, I still wanted them to be strong enough to reach educators and parents as well.

  • Typographic

    Arts & Culture, Communication Design


    1000 Type Treatments by Wilson Harvey is an excellent book to use when designing projects based solely on type. While brainstorming for design elements for my current project I'm working on for "Love Heals," a non- profi organization focused on eduacting teens about HIV/AIDS, I decided to use type as my main subject throughout poster and other collateral. We have all seem the devastating affects that HIV?AIDS have on it's victims, but information is power, so why not have the type envoke the feeling of proactivity.

    1000 Type Treatments, shows lots of examples and techniques that help you gain a greater understanding of how type works and take the place of strong imagery. Highly recommended

  • Empower

    Education, Communication Design


    This is a poster I created for the non-profit organization called "Love Heals." This organization was estabilshed to educate and empower the youth of New York about the effects of HIV/AIDS. The poster shows the word empower designed along with Maya Angelou's poem "Still I Rise." The poster represents that even if you may struggle with the disease, or know someone who has or does, you can still rise and become empowered.

  • Green Patriot Posters

    Environment, Industrial Design

    I recently selected to create a two poster series for the organization Green Patriot Posters, as one of my Social Awareness projects. Green Patriots Posters is an online organization that showcases “call-to-action” style posters, from designers and creative types all over the country that focus on combating climate change. Their inspiration derives from WWII posters that motivated the world to stand and unite for a greater cause. The cool thing about this idea is that even though, the style and design techniques and the topic have changed throughout the decades, the message of uniting for a greater good, still remains.

    I am extremely passionate about improving our environment and doing my part in any way. I believe It is not only important to inform people of the current, fragile, position our environment is in, but to motivate them into action. A lot of the current events that plague the world can either be halted in their tracks or possibly reversed altogether, but if people aren’t aware that they can make a difference the, battle is endless. GPP has a really cool concept in getting the message of environmental change out there, while adding more creativity and diversified design to the world.

Inspire the world through creativity and the world will inspire you.

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