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Brooke Smith

New York, NY, United States


Member since May 31, 2007

  • Q: There arc many events out there, and other ways to help in the fight against breast cancer. Why The Breast Cancer 3-Day benefiting Susan G. Komen For The Cure?

    A: I needed more of a challenge than other events. At one point, during the very first time 1 walked, 1 thought, "Can 1 really do this? 60 miles is a lot. " 1 can talk about it, but doing it is another thing. If I am asking for such a large amount of money there needs to be a balance. Donors need to be insured that I am doing the work, and living the experience. I also feel as if it is a way to feel closer to my mom, and her battle with the disease.

    Q: The Breast Cancer 3-Day is not for everyone. It is unlike other events in that, for many, it is a life-changing journey that starts months in advance with training and fundraising. For most participants 60 miles is a big enough goal. Why all 12 events equaling 720 miles?

    A: I wanted to do something drastic. If I walked half of the events there was not enough wow factor to get $1 million. I want to do something so extravagant to gain Q: attention to the disease, and raise the million at the same time. 720 miles is one huge battle that will hopefully accomplish getting that much money.

    Q: Most 17 year oIds are thinking about prom, boyfriends and other subjects much different than breast cancer advocacy. What makes you different than other 17 year olds!

    A: I do think about those things, but this campaign is priority number one. My different education pat...

Jodan Carlson's 720 Mission to Cure Breast Cancer

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Jodan Carlson's 720 Mission to Cure Breast Cancer

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