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Thomas Sharp

Las Cruces, NM, United States

Member since December 15, 2010

  • Can Wii Play DVDs Handy Concepts Found

    Community, Audio/Visual Design

    When someone owns a Wii system, they may wonder if it will only read games or if it may play DVD movies as well. Can Wii Play DVDs is a question that may console buyers have. Some systems can handle movies as well as games, and many consumers want to know if their system is the same.

    This particular model and device will not come with a movie playing ability. If a DVD is placed in the drive slot, the information will not be read. The gear that is featured inside a unit will only have the hardware needed to support a game disc. The hardware that is inside the unit will be able to process any game with speed and performance.

    Some consoles are able to read both media types of discs. That ability may be an important feature to someone who does not have a DVD player or wants to downsize their media shelves. A product that is able to process both types of discs may make it easy for users to operate both kinds of media.

    Services online may be able to provide the hardware and services to have a movie player installed. These sites will allow the unit to be tampered with and extra gadgets installed right onto the hardware. The service will provide customers who want a movie player in their console to get what they want.

    A draw back to putting a special hardware program in the console, is that opening the unit will make it void with the warranty. If the brand maker sees that the box has been tampered with, then they will not support any future repairs for free. For most console buyers, they will get a warranty that will cover repairs for a certain amount of time. If something happens to the unit during that time, the brand maker will repair the system for free. That option can be handy when some systems have flaws in them or if something unexpected happens to it. However, if the system is opened and tampered with, the company will know and will refuse the repair or have it charged to the customer.

    If someone does decide to have a DVD system put into their regular gaming device, then they may not have to wait long. Most jobs can be handled in a short time and customers may also wait for it to be done. The quick and timely service can get someone home quickly to play their movies and games.

    There are many advantages to having a console box as part of a media set up. A large screen TV equipped with a gaming system and DVD option, will create more free space on the shelf and help the media area look clean and polished. Some people like the idea of having a clean space around their TV. A shelving unit with a small amount of boxes may be a way to create a polished look.

    Can Wii Play DVDs at the same time as movies, may be something that owners of the game want to know. Some people may find ways of installing an option so that their unit will in fact process movies. However if it is not an important feature, then a user may simply find other ways to have their film collection played.

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