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    In response to The Beauty of Networks,
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    Fabulous. I was fascinated (and still am) by Networks. Along with Connected, a little more dense is the book Linked by Albert-László Barabási. After getting mildly obsesses with how your friend's friend's friend can have an impact on you (always measurable and sometimes significant) - it got me thinking about health and smoking. Do i have skinny non smoking friends? Not really. But more seriously it got me thinking about Trust and the strength of the ties in my network. The nodes can be many but with social media and the social web just like social networks - it's the strength of the ties that often is what matters. Are you useful to your network? Do you tweet about your underwear or significant problems and possible solutions to today's most pressing issues?

    I would say that networks like webs can be beautiful. Organisations? I think we will have to wait and see . in any network, often a hub is visible (lets say google or apple) that controls - attracts - and influences a whole lot of nodes. But really no one is telling you to be a part of this or that network. After all is said and done, you create your network - you're reality. And that.... is beautiful.

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