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Kenn Peterson

United States


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  • Is It Easy to Rent a Car in France?

    Peace, Environmental Design


    Car rental market in France is still in its infancy. This opinion is shared by specialists in this sphere. "This business system has started to develop more than a decade ago In the early 90's were trying to give the rental market a broad civilized form, although they were not successful. But since the beginning of this century, this area of service has evolved. "

    Only a few companies are working more than ten years. This market can be divided into several segments. First - A company operating fully official with all the necessary permits and standards with a proven fleet. At present in France, four of them. 10-15 mill firms linked with car dealers and provides car rental, leased. Doubt about the quality of the fleet is also not necessary.

    Another part of the market - is spontaneously formed firm - experts say. - They appeared in the last two years. Vehicle fleet consists mainly of imported due overseas cheap used cars. Their services are, of course, cheaper. But the "inside story" the car is difficult to know how to predict its behavior on the road at certain times. While some clients and do not aspire to know it.

    Services - Money

    The client must first understand that he is seeking. If he needs debugged guaranteed service, it will cost a bit more expensive. In this case, you can contact the company, making, for example, the official order for the reservation system via the Internet. Who should be cheaper, can be designed typewriter at the firm easier.

    But in any case not be amiss to advance to gather more information about the company, landlord, ask opinions of friends, to use its services, etc.


    With regard to the requirements of the contract of lease, then they are in France and in Europe about the same: we must have a passport, driver's license and credit card. This procedure takes about 10-15 minutes.

    * Tourists coming to France prefer to rent cars economy class.
    * Businessmen choose wheels that fit their status, but also the cost of paying attention.
    * In France, you can find the 7-8-year-old midget.

    Contract without the Surprises

    The golden rule - Carefully read the contract before you sign it. Indeed, at this stage are just and there will be those pitfalls that are fairly easy to descend during the trip. E.g., the contract may not be spelled out or be overstated the amount of client liability to the lesser, - says experts. And in terms of the contract it appears that when a traffic accident responsibility for restoring the machine is a client. In this case, the car cannot be insured or insured by special conditions and so on. After an agreement with all that is written there - it is an official document that can assert their rights.

    A very unpleasant surprise - when, instead of the ordered models offer another. Or a class of cars not correct. When taking the car after the booking must be the same body type, transmission and air condition. These are the minimum requirements.

    Should not believe those companies that are advertising say they do not need collateral. One way or another credit card number the customer will have company. And he received fines for violations will still be covered by him. By the way, in France, some companies the cost of rent without a credit card at registration will be higher. In other firms the presence or absence of credit on the cost of rent is not affected.

    If you break a car in the road you must immediately call the lassoers. There is evaluate how useful to overpay for services. Wherever he is, the client will bring into place instead of another car, if not, then ... "should carefully read the contract." Both in France and abroad in case of accident should call the police and to inform the landlord.

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