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Odessa Mattera

Winston Salem, NC, United States

Public Relations

Member since November 11, 2010

  • Suggestions Relative To Money Making School Fundraising


    In the current economic climate, many schools are having difficulty in having sufficient funds to operate as they previously did. Unfortunately, as a result, favorite programs and many sports activities have had to be discontinued. Concerned parents and others have come forth with the idea of school fundraising.

    Fundraising for schools is not new. However, in past years, just a few dollars were needed for something such as a trip and money was raised by a cake sale or some other activity. Unfortunately, that will not work today. A great deal more money is needed and it is needed quickly.

    When trying to raise money, on a large scale, there are certain techniques that must be used if it is to be successful. The entire community must respond for an event to be raise money. That means that just sending home a note with a child and putting up a few posters at the school will not work. The first thing that must be decided is what the money is for. In today's situation that can be a pretty big project, such as reinstating the sports program.

    No one can do something like this alone so it is necessary to gather people who are interested in a project and form a team. That team should not just be schoolteachers and parents. Some important people in the community should also be invited to participate, as their influence will often make a huge difference in something being successful. Such a person as a mayor, police chief, company president or someone similar will help make any event very successful

    Once a group is formed, plans must be laid for advertising, securing a location, getting supplies and other necessities. If a dinner is involved then volunteers are asked for in order to purchase the food, to cook it, serve it and clean up. By everyone having a small job to do or sharing a job, it can be done very easily.

    When arranging a dinner there is always the question as to how much to charge. It should be a reasonable amount but enough to make a profit. Look around at other community dinners and see what the going rate is. Events featuring activities that can be enjoyed by everyone are always welcomed by the community. A good example is a Halloween haunted house with food and other events to celebrate the occasion. There should always be a donation box at any event for those who wish to give a few extra dollars.

    Students are very good advertisers. If they are personally involved in an event, by being told what it is all about and being allowed to make signs and posters, they will carry the message home to their family and acquaintances. The old method of raising school money by selling magazines and other things door to door is not only not profitable but dangerous as well.

    Many thousands of dollars have been raised for schools through successful school fundraising and, if approached correctly, one will have the entire community looking forward to the next event. This not only helps the school but also provides a valuable bond between the community and the school, which is the basis for success in human relations.

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