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Mahmoud Keshavarz

Stockholm, N/A, Sweden


Member since May 22, 2007

  • When You don't have any clear portrait from people!

    Education, Industrial Design


    1/ I shouldn't try to depict a bad portrait from Iranian designers! Through a global network, but sometimes I should do!

    2/ All the time Iranian designers - although the "Iranian term" just is regarding to geometrical reason and nothing except that because in Iran we don't have any school of industrial design- trying to find an idea which they like it includes all factors of a good design and with the contemporary situation and facilities in Iran, this ideal thought is more like an utopia.

    3/ I should do something, but if you know them, tell me immediately!

    In design with a general mind we can't design detailed objects. As you know most of the times, detailed objects can play an important role in social life and when you get a general and vague approach, you can't reach a good solution in during of your design process. In Interaction Design we try to keeping in mind people all the time. It means from the first up to end of design life cycle, designers should think about people and ask questions from themselves about behaviors between people and that designed output. So we should have enough knowledge about target group from the first up to end, which during the process this knowledge will be more completely. so through interaction design we should know anything about target group in detailed points of them, but in industrial design all the time amateur designers - like Iranian's ones - without any detailed information try to find a target group! And most of the time the design outputs will be funny! So one of the best way for experiencing a wonderful design process with good out puts and detailed objects, we should keeping in mind people before anything else, like production, business, design and est. Although this posts it can be more useful for Iranian users than other ones!

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  • Industrial Design
  • Environmental Design
  • Communication Design
  • Fashion Design
  • Audio/Visual Design