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Carlene Mcalexander

Haddonfield, NJ, United States

Member since October 20, 2010

  • Be Smart, Use Flat Pay Recruitment Service


    Many things have been changing in the realm of business, including the recruitment part. If your company still uses the service of traditional recruiter which charges you a percentage of salary, you are certainly left behind.Look at flat fee recruitment for a change.

    Nearly all of the traditional recruiters use the internet to grab the most qualified job seekers to fill your position. The most interesting part is that those job seekers are already looking for job using the internet too. In the other words, there are literally a lot of candidates available to fill any position that you want to fill.

    Now, for people with common sense will ask this question: why are you still pay much money to a traditional agency that only do the search in the internet, collect resumes through the internet, and do the selection through the internet too? They do not even advertise your job vacancy, they do not travel to seek for the best candidates, and they do not make a single job fair.

    With those facts above, it will seem more right if you employ a flat rate recruitment agency. This kind of agency will do the same thing that the traditional agencies do for you but they are only charge you once. They will not ask for a long term payment such as percentage of wage, they only charge one flat fee for each employee that they provide for you. They can also give you employees from any level. They might be focusing on a certain field like engineering, clerical, or IT employee recruitment.

    However, there are also some agencies that can provide you with all kind of employees you seek.There are several traits of a good recruitment agency. You must check this traits before you employ one. A good recruiter agency will post several job board, they do candidate filtering process, and provide you with manual response as an integral part of the service. No matter the kind of recruitment agency you come to when you look for some employee, make sure that the agency provides all of those services. In the case of flat fee agencies that will charge you cheaper, it does not imply that you will get a lesser service. A good flat fee service will give you the best service with a much lower cost.

    Make an appointment with the agency's representative to talk clearly about your desirable candidates. This is very important to enable the agency to make a perfect application form for the applicants. This computerized form will filter the candidates and list only the most qualified ones. The agencies will not use any standard or generic application form to filter your prospective employees. They will also employ some kill questions to sharpen the selection process.

    Through this process, and with help from the flat fee recruitment agency, you will get only the most suitable candidates who meet all of your requirements you set in the initial meeting. You can see every detail of the process because the process is conducted transparently. If you have other criteria of your own, you might also see the resumes of the applicants and rank them yourself. And everything will be done quicker since the process is fully computerized.

    To summarize, using the service of a flat fee recruitment agency will save your time and your money. This is a revolutionary recruitment system which will give you only the best candidates.

  • The internet has provided the perfect platform for the new wave of recruiters or e-recruiters. Many small businesses and increasingly larger companies are realising the benefit of Flat Fee Recruitment which is a low choice recruitment service that challenges the model of larger recruiters. In my opinion they provide a better value for money. They at least provide more choice for any businesses looking to recruit on a stringent HR budget.

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