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London, United Kingdom

Designer (Exhibition Design)

Member since September 30, 2010

  • Well-being_factor_of_lighting_design_177_

    Architectural lighting design or commercial lighting can either make or break the spaces we work, rest, shop or play in so it is important to get the building lighting design right first time.

    Good lighting design can create drama, define, accentuate and enrich on so many different levels, get it wrong and the opposite it is true and the ripple effects will be felt by people and their organisations.

    I am sure we have all experience the effects working on a computer of entering a supermarket, exhibition or retail space and after a short while you’re not sure why but you start to develop a headache or don’t feel yourself?

    This is in part due to an over bright space using far too many halogen spot or lighting fittings creating a myriad of twinkling spots which your eyes have to deal with. These halogen lamps are great for making merchandise sparkle but it has also the opposite effect which is to potentially give headaches when over used and of course it uses huge amounts of the valuable energy.

    Lighting design should be a balance that embraces aesthetics, function, flexibility, energy efficiency but in addition to this provide a positive feeling or well-being factor.

    When entering an architectural, retail, office or commercial space there should be an element of “I am not sure why but I really enjoyed being there”? Now I know that isn’t just the lighting, it is a recipe of so many things for example; inspiring architecture, good ventilation, acoustics and surfaces to na...

  • Top 10 exhibition designers

    Arts & Culture, Industrial Design


    Being one of the top 10 exhibition designers in London (triumph triumph); I felt it was time for another blog about exhibit design.

    Our exhibition design consultancy specialise in forward-looking exhibition design, creating exceptional and eco-friendly design solutions that convey aesthetics, flexibility and impact.

    As exhibition designers we know that successful exhibition design is more than the sum of its own parts or simply creating a WOW-factor. It is a synergy of numerous criteria which all need to seamlessly squeeze in to the project.

    Some examples:

    Attention to detail Colour Communication Concept development Conservation Digital media Disability Access Eco-friendly Graphic design Health & Safety Installation Interactivity Interpretation Lighting design Maintenance Project planning Role of objects Showcase design Storyline Sustainability Technology Travelling exhibits Visitor flow Ok the list is never-ending … but you get the point. Good exhibition design isn’t lemon squeezy and it takes the commitment of an experienced exhibition designer to create a brilliant exhibition that connects with people in an inspiring and exciting way. With so many exhibit design projects behind our belt, we are 100% confident in what we design & deliver.

    Indeed, we take great pride in what we do and when all the design pieces fall into the appropriate places, the client is delighted and the visitor successfully has embarked on a discovery through la...

  • Become ECO smart & keep it fun @ SMA

    Environment, Environmental Design


    Here are a few new tips how to become eco smart. At the SMA studio we like modest eco-friendly ideas one can execute to make a difference.

    Our focus is naturally on the eco-friendly design aspect, but let’s be honest we can be smarter than that and incorporate so much more green thinking into our work as designers.

    Here is our top 5 of eco smart ideas we like to do for the environment whilst keeping it fun! Our creative minds have an unbeatable impulse to popping those grey couch potatoes thinking balloons into positive enjoyable and most important fun effective results.

    -Which of us designers can go paperless the longest? This isn’t as easy at it may seem.

    -On projects abroad: whose suitcase is the lightest? Sorry ladies, we loose on that one.

    -Office birthday – funky eco present with recycled scrap wrapping paper is a must.

    -Whose lunch is the greenest? Eco-friendly packaging? Organic delights? Fair-trade cuisine? The judges are harsh and hungry.

    -Think Green. Designers are creative and inventive, coming up with our own bizarre but helpful eco-friendly design ideas spark a buzz of inspiration and for that the light here in the studio is always on green!

    I hope you will have as much fun putting some eco-friendly ideas into your work as we do here, no matter how insignificant they may be, they make a huge combined difference.

    Become ECO. Think SMART

    Read more ECO blog here

  • Heritage Lottery Fund – Museum Design workshop

    Arts & Culture, Industrial Design


    Due to many contributing factors (Heritage Lottery Funding) HLF application stage passes have become more difficult to achieve. It is those museums or organisations that present their projects well that always achieve positive decisions.

    With our 100% success rate with Heritage Lottery Funding applications, SMA design are now offering our well kept secret solution in the form of museum design workshops.

    These museum design workshops help museum and organisations to focus on important factors and make sure you tick all the right boxes.

    Our museum design workshops are run at your location and so are very flexible, being able to accommodate those interested parties in your organisation and share holders alike.

    The outlay for the museum design workshops are affordable and maximises even the smallest of budgets and sometimes can be paid for by the HLF themselves.

    These museum workshops are so successful that 40% of our museum workshops capacity for 2011 are already booked.

    So if you’re thinking of applying for HLF funding then speak with us first in order to give your application the best possible chance of success!

    T:0845 612 1831

    HLF museum workshops

  • Interior Design – the benchmark of eco-friendly design

    Arts & Culture, Environmental Design


    So here is a topic we haven’t discussed really and with a focus on eco-friendly design one I am gladly to address: Interior design.

    Interior designs are a balance of aesthetically pleasing styles & spaces which push design boundaries to maximise effect.

    I love connection with interior spaces, there are so many different levels and senses that can either sing to you or point you to the nearest exit.

    What makes good eco friendly interior design?

    Interior designs which are eco friendly should incorporate sustainable materials and the latest energy efficiency measures to minimise impact on the environment, reduce carbon footprint and harmful toxins.

    To achieve this it is vital the interior designer sources the most suited eco-friendly materials (furniture, paint, textiles, glass and many others)

    All these materials will have some impact to the environment, it is simply impossible to zero this out. However it is important the interior designer creates a well-balanced design between amazing interior spaces in one hand and an environmentally friendly green connection in the other. This creates its own set of challenges that previously just weren’t a consideration in the interior designers’ bible.

    Therefore the interior designer should try to source his eco-friendly materials from sustainable sources. Find local & fairly sourced suppliers and installation contractors which will certainly help to lower the impact on the environment. Think Green, Think recycle a...

  • Lighting design

    Arts & Culture, Industrial Design


    A revolution in lighting design is finally taking place. It has taken many years for museum people and organisations to realise that the investment in good museum lighting and of course an experienced museum lighting designer really pays dividends.

    For example take a mundane object which normally would not get a second look from a museum or exhibition visitor. Then mount that object in a museum display showcase with beautiful lighting and the object is transformed from the ugly duckling into a swan which stops people in their tracks to admire and study.

    Now I am not suggesting that museums should promote lesser objects in this way but if good lighting design can do this to an everyday object imagine what good lighting design can do for that special object in a museum collection.

    Good lighting design can create drama, define, accentuate and enrich on so many different levels, however museum lighting design or exhibition lighting design must embrace aesthetics, function, flexibility, conservation (care of duty to the object) & energy efficiency. Some of these topics I will be dealing with in more detail spread over various blogs.

    Now if you’re not in the museum world you must be wondering what about us in the commercial world, what revolutions are happening there? Well don’t worry I will also be writing blogs which will cover lighting design for retail, property development, shopping centres, commercial exhibition design etc to accompany the museum and exhibition lighti...

  • Eco design

    Environment, Environmental Design


    After the delightful (?) abundance of snow last week I can now blissfully say I am eagerly anticipating a green Christmas.

    I am pleased to announce that our lovely eco-friendly office tree is decorated with solar Christmas lights and recycled decorations, picked by yours truly. With several lighting designers critically looking over my shoulder I can confirm the lights are looking “just” right.

    These days it is pretty easy to put some eco-friendly design spirit into Christmas and deck the halls with a festive atmosphere whilst keeping the environmental impact low.

    As an eco designer my friends and family always try to surprise me with eco-friendly gifts and gadgets but frankly my Christmas wish list doesn’t contain any money-oriented gifts, no matter how green they may be. Sorry but no top 10 eco design wishlist from me.

    In sustainable terms we are simple over-consuming without question and somewhere something evidently just has got to give (and I don’t mean presents).

    Yes, it is difficult to switch of my eco designer “ethics” but when it comes to Christmas I am just grateful for what I already have and what really matters to me: friends and family (the ones that are thoughtfully picking out those green eco design presents for me).

    So with that essential outlook in mind, I would like to wish you all a very happy Christmas from our entire design team.

  • Sustainable exhibition design

    Environment, Environmental Design


    We are currently working on a sustainable eco friendly exhibition design project. Yes, we are wearing our smart green thinking caps.

    A project like this one presents us with an excellent opportunity to re-think & research our green & environmentally friendly services & sources, allowing us to develop an up to date outlook on the implementation of sustainable exhibition design techniques.

    Our design will contain a futuristic edge, pioneering sustainable innovative designs and our good old friend “attention to detail”. This exhibition design will be designed with environmentally friendly, responsibly sourced and recycled materials with low toxins, parallel with our sustainability policy.

    During the design process we will be keeping a very close eye on what the impact of the exhibition design has during the construction process whilst maintaining the aesthetic spirit. (For example waste management & recycle – reduce energy, pollution and material costs, reduce carbon footprint, resource depletion, eco lighting … sorry the list is endless)

    Our eco exhibition design showcases (that use no mains power from the buildings supply to light the internal art objects and can be positioned anywhere without electrical connection points) will be the cherry on the cake and that all sounds rather tasty to us! Ok I admit it, for us any sustainable design job is our cup of tea… Green tea though if you please!


  • Top 10 tips to become an eco warrior in your office

    Arts & Culture, Environmental Design


    Small tips – Big difference

    1. Always turn off electrical equipment – even your mobile charger

    2. Reduce paper waste & recycle where possible

    3. Minimize buying disposable goods (bye bye non degradable plastic bags)

    4. Downhill with the Thermostat (how about that Christmas jumper from Aunty Sue?)

    5. Don’t accept unsolicited mail

    6. Telecommute if you can (saves money & enhances efficiency)

    7. Last in the office? Please turn off the lights

    8. Add a green buddy to your desk (plants like philodendrons are great)

    9. You + Me = Carpool - Carbon Emersion

    10. Think Green: bring your own mug, waste free lunches (it really all makes a difference)

  • Food for thought

    Arts & Culture, Audio/Visual Design


    Naturally we love museums but our team’s thoughts often buzz during lunchtime (those 45 precious group brain feeding minutes) with this infinite question: How many museums do we really need? Yes, you might think this is a funny question for museum designers to ask but we do wonder if it isn’t better to have fewer museums with enhanced quality and visitor experience than simple saving everything.

    In actuality, we do have a museum to cover every tiny speck this world and beyond holds. From the big beloved to the small weird and pretty pointless exhibitions, we are able to visit collections and exhibitions to our hearts content. You might think all we need now is a museum about museums well it seems even that one has already been taken care of. Personally I would love more hands-on museums; the link of simple and fun interactions with an exhibition always makes me want to visit again.

    It simply is deep within our human curious nature to turn over every stepping stone, hunting for rewarding answers whilst filling the craving of our empty well of wisdom.

    Museums provide us with a spark, they make us feel good, educate, inspire and bring people together. Most of them are free here in the UK, so maybe the closest possible formula to our infinite question simple is:

    Oodles + Quality + Eco = Idyllic.

    Jessica Winter

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