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London, United Kingdom

Designer (Exhibition Design)

Member since September 30, 2010

  • Branding: It’s not just a quality corporate logo design

    Communication, Communication Design


    Some people or organisations get very confused thinking that their corporate logo design is their branding?

    However understanding branding is far more than a nice logo design.

    Branding is finding a solution that gets your market to choose your brand (product or services) over the competition.

    If you are really clever and can place your company product or organisation as the only real provider for this service or product then that’s a great brand and potentially iconic.

    Your brand should project a clear message, professionalism, stimulate, inspire and eventually build up a customer loyalty foundation.

    So yes a quality logo design is a very important part of the branding and something that your company branding & marketing will use as the driving force behind getting market recognition.

    However understanding your market place is key to good branding and any creative agency / branding agency worth their sorts should guide you on this difficult passage that will eventually produce a strong brand.

    Believe me there is no quick fix to producing a strong brand it takes plenty of research, hard work and creative flair to deliver a clear communicative solution that people have loyalty towards.

    Time is a precise commodity and it never comes again so make sure you choose the right branding company to help you standard out from the crowd!

    Next time company slogans or strap lines are they a good or bad marketing tool?

    Simon Morris Associates

  • WWF 50th Anniversary Exhibition & Event

    Environment, Environmental Design


    We were delighted when we were approached by World Wildlife Fund to provide exhibition & lighting design consultancy on this prestigious event.

    It was particularly important for WWF they worked with a design company with environmental & eco-friendly principles & ethos.

    SMA design’s own eco evolution started over 7 years ago, which leaves our consultancy uniquely positioned to support the client.

    Our designers have researched and adopted the most advantageous new eco technologies and principles from around the world into our various designs.

    At the same time SMA design has developed our own pioneering eco innovations, you can read more about these on our design consultancy website .

  • Frank_logo_design_177_

    One of our latest graphic design & branding projects is for Frank Europe one of the top 10 museum showcase manufacturers.

    Frank’s board directors were looking for a creative agency that would deliver a fresh, exciting and instantly recognisable brand.

    Our creative design agency was chosen to roll out a full branding package, including new logo design, marketing literature, website design, SEO and corporate guidelines etc.

    The Frank brand provides precision engineered museum display showcases to designers, architects, museums, private collectors and those needing a protective display solution with emphasis on flexibility and quality.

    SMA wanted to project the truly uniqueness of the product in the branding. By visiting the factory and carrying out extensive research to understanding the market place we were able to fuse essential elements together to realise Franks and our own aspirations.

    Designing a simple, fresh and instant recognisable brand was our primary aspiration whilst incorporating 4 key objectives:

    -The brand name. Represented by the initial F. -The primary service. Symbolising a basic shape of a case whilst the F also provides the profile for their unique product. -Different service options. Corresponds to the different colour scheme. -Slogans: “uniquely frank” & “frankly better than glass”.

    From the out set our corporate graphic designers produced a clear direction including concept logo designs & digital implementation which rec...

  • QUBE | logo design

    Communication, Communication Design


    Our logo design agency was chosen by an established Belgium museum display showcase firm to roll out a new corporate branding package, including logo design, website design and blog.

    Our creativity, knowledge of the museum and design sector and SEO techniques where instrumental in our appointment over other London-based creative design agencies.

    The qube brand evolved to fill a requirement in the market for high quality affordable protective display showcases (vitrines) in the world of art, museums, displays, exhibitions, events and many more.

    Simon Morris Associates

    Design blog

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  • Ctt1part2b_132_

    So is that Vitrines or Showcases?

    Ok so you have a new exhibition, museum or visitor centre that requires new glass display showcases or acrylic vitrines.

    Now if you were paying attention you might have noticed that I can’t make up my mind whether to write museum display showcases or exhibition The reason for that is that in the UK we tend to call showcases made from glass “museum display showcases” and if they are from acrylic like Plexiglas or Perspex they seem to then be called “display vitrines”.vitrines or both?

    Now I hear you say not always and you would be right but it does seem to be the case more often than not. However, if you are in Europe and normally in the USA they tend to use the term vitrines whether the showcases are made from acrylic or glass.

    The main land Europeans will use both when speaking with anybody from the UK, well that’s been my experience to date. The bottom line is that both are correct just vitrine comes from the French language.

    By the way did you get the logo stop signs for this blog?

    Next time we will be getting down to the finer details of display showcase design.

    Simon Morris Associates

    Design blog

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  • Can’t Touch This – Museum Exhibition Display Showcases

    Arts & Culture, Communication Design


    Achieving the invisible museum display showcase or exhibition display vitrine has long been the aspiration or goal of museum designers, architects, curators and showcase manufactures. They all have a shared vision to display and communicate every day items along with extraordinary exhibits in their purest form without restriction or barrier.

    From its very nature, once you place a piece of glass or acrylic between the visitor and the exhibit a barrier has been formed and something very special has been lost to the observer or visitor.

    I always feel very lucky that through my carrier as a museum exhibition designer I have had the privilege to see, feel (with cotton gloves) and examine documents, paintings or objects that have been in great historical collections without these essential barriers.

    However it has also made me very sensitive to how museums, trusts and various organisations start the process of purchasing museum display showcases.

    Over the next few blogs we will be going on a museum showcase journey of discovery looking at the many processes it takes to produce the perfect museum display showcase. Also how it is possible to purchase bespoke museum showcases that allows the visitor to enjoy what’s on display in a far more appreciative and communicative way, at no extra cost to off the shelf showcase option.

  • Eco friendly logo design

    Arts & Culture, Environmental Design


    Did you know that a recent Gallup survey discovered that 94 percent of all consumers prefer to do business with companies that demonstrate that they care about the environment?

    A brand or company name instantly communicates the essence of your organisation so it is crucial to get the message spot on.

    Attaching a green eco friendly tag to a quality iconic logo design is more than adding green grass colours, leafy embellishments and recycling symbols to the design formula.

    What truly makes logo design eco-conscious & environmentally friendly?

    There are numerous factors that contribute to an overall green company logo design or eco brand identity. But let’s (for now) leave the bare essential logo design stages aside, here are my ten tips to green-up your business logo concept design.

    Top 10 eco friendly company logo design ingredients:

    • Think about the lifecycle of your concept design.

    • Research your design steps. Where can you save money and be environmentally friendly?

    • Embrace an ethical ethos (corporate social responsibility) & make your green efforts sincere.

    • Brainstorm and create your designs in an eco-minded workspace.

    • Encourage the clients to opt for green and eco friendly solutions during the design stages.

    • What impact does the design process (for example materials) have on the environment? Goal target set on minimal.

    • Demonstrate the company’s commitment to the environment in your core brand proposal.

    • Leave as teeny ecological footprints as possi...

  • Parlez-vous museo design?

    Arts & Culture, Communication Design


    Museum design is a worldwide language very much founded on communication and interpretation.

    The museum designer has to fuse understanding, expertise, conservation, innovative ideas and revolutionary technology into working museum design solutions.

    Only by adding these indispensable elements to our museum workshop we can plan and generate environments that connect with people in an inspirational and motivating way.

    Our team continually pushes the envelope to deliver successful memorable museum design solutions which:

    • communicate
    • influence
    • relate
    • engage
    • provoke
    • inspire
    • excite
    • relax
    • educate

    Our international museum exhibition designs permit museums, galleries and visitor centers to communicate with their audience and present a creative, safe and meaningful context.

    Through connecting multiple layers of information and emotion to the visitor, objects come to life and stories can be studied and enjoyed.

    Our studio undertakes each element of a museum project, from the design concept stage, supervision of manufacture, to the final flourish of completion ensuring exceptional quality and best value solutions.

    With core communication and individual interpretation we turn sparks of ideas into successful memorable museum projects

    Parlez-vous museo design? Oui, inderdaad we do!

    Source: Museum design blog

  • Green initiatives



    We have been growing our green initiatives seeds & ideas to a new level in the last couple of months. (Yes we have been busy bees). The teams here always keeps up with the latest eco-technologies, researches and seminars ensuring our projects include the most modern & efficient eco-friendly solutions and are environmentally accommodating.

    It takes professional hands to employ this ever-changing green goal alongside producing brilliant designs. (One often forgets whilst looking at the end designs how many hours of brainstorming, testing of concept designs, layered eco input, energy-saving measures, eye for finishing touches …. + 101 others).

    As far a museum design & exhibition design our design consultancy truly has a unique market position to support clients, museums and developers.

    Take a look @ our eco design page for more eco-friendly design information:

    eco friendly design consultants

    It’s good to be green.

  • New frame same game



    As you might have noticed we decided to put our museum exhibition design blog into a new frame. Naturally with this design make-over we are currently in an “upgrade” stage and we would like to ask you to bear with us whilst we finish putting all the dots on the I’s etc.

    We remain blogging in the same way as before with museum design, exhibition design, lighting design and eco design topics. We are planning to expand more on our logo design side of the studio here as those guys have been really busy and we would like to open the door a little wider, inviting in more logo design & branding blog posts.

    As always, requests and suggestion are also more than appreciated.

    Visit our blog by clicking these words - Museum exhibition blog

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