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London, United Kingdom

Designer (Exhibition Design)

Member since September 30, 2010

  • Museum Exhibiiton Design Blog

    Community, Communication Design


    Over the past 20 years I have been working as a museum exhibition designer across the globe on over more than 300 design projects.

    There is nothing quite like handling an object that was once in a famous collection, whether contemporary or from an ancient civilization. It never stops bringing up the hairs on the back of my neck when making these tactile connections with history.

    I have just launched my own Museum Exhibition (ME) design blog to share my unique experiences, behind the scenes and information from inside the design world. Early days yet although feel free to have a sneak peak here:

    Museum Exhibition Design Blog

  • Museum Exhibition Design 2014

    Arts & Culture, Communication Design


    Oh yes, it’s that time again when we all get into the festive spirit and look forward to another soon to be green Christmas.

    The SMA Christmas tree has made its re-appearance this week, after spending another year outside and it now is ever so close to touching the ceiling, at this rate we might have to move studios by 2015!

    Decked out with some really nice solar Christmas lights and recycled (yet contemporary) decorations it’s been another job for the lighting designers in the studio to out do last years creation.

    The entire jovial snapshot is pretty green minded yet looks gloriously merry on the outside. Not always less is more … It is Christmas after all!

    We hope you have enjoyed reading our museum exhibition design blog as much as I have enjoyed sharing our design articles, ventures and design updates with you all.

    Everyone here at the studio would like to wish you a very merry eco Christmas and an astonishing 2014!

    { Museum exhibition design blog }

    { Museum exhibition design website }

  • Islamic exhibition design

    Arts & Culture, Communication Design


    SMA design are leading museum exhibition design consultancy specialising in museum design, exhibitions and visitor centres.

    With an award winning international team of museum exhibition design professionals we blend interpretation, fresh ideas and cutting-edge technology to create design environments that connect with people in an inspiring and exciting way.

    We are renowned for our innovative museum exhibit designs which continually push the envelope to deliver effective memorable solutions which:

    communicate, influence, relate, engage, provoke, inspire, excite, relax and educate.

    Our exhibition designs permit museums or galleries to communicate with their audience and provide a creative, safe and meaningful context.

    Through connecting multiple layers of information and emotion to the visitor, objects come to life and stories can be studied and enjoyed.

    { Visit our museum design website for more information }

  • Exhibition designer

    Arts & Culture, Communication Design


    As an exhibition designer I know that successful exhibition design is more than the sum of its own parts or simply creating a WOW-factor. It is a synergy of numerous criteria which all need to seamlessly squeeze in to the project.

    For example: communicating with the visitor, colour, storyline, interactivity, lighting design, role of the objects, conservation considerations, visitor flow, project planning, temporary or travelling exhibits, showcase design, installation & maintenance, health & safety, reducing carbon foot print to name but a few.

    With the emphasis on effective audience communication and quality one brings understanding, support and commitment to every exhibition design project.

    London exhibition designer

  • Logo design and branding

    Arts & Culture, Communication Design


    Striking branding, company slogan & website design for three related display showcase product lines.

    source: sma creative design agency

  • Branding_agency_132_

    One of the questions I am always asked by clients is it worth making our website optimised for search engines? So this time I thought we would look at the subject of SEO or Search Engine Optimisation.

    I am sure like me you get Spam emails saying in the blink of an eye they can get you onto the front page of every search engine using their special software or by paying them.

    Should you try their services well my advice would be a big NO anyone that says they can guarantee you this, best to show them the front door.

    Read more by visiting our creative branding blog here

  • Corporate brochure design

    Communication, Communication Design


    Corporate brochure design, Logo design, Branding, Website Design & Marketing Stratergy for Precision German manufacturing company.

    graphic designers

  • Deck the studio

    Peace, Environmental Design


    This year has gone so fast and in the studio it is indeed beginning to look a lot like … yes you guessed it, Christmas!

    Like every year this one is no exception and we are celebrating the festive holidays with our green ethos in mind.

    The SMA Christmas tree has made its re-appearance a couple of days ago; it has grown approximately 45mm since last year but not touching the ceiling yet … phew!

    It’s wearing a contemporary warm coat of solar Christmas lights and recycled decorations to make the outfit even greener.

    We hope you have enjoyed reading our design blogs as much as we have enjoyed sharing our design news with you all.

    Everyone here at the design studio would like to wish you a very happy Christmas and an incredible 2013!

  • Branding_companies_london_177_

    The first thing when deciding on a company slogan or strap line for your company is do we really need one? By having a company strap line you have to ask will it bring added value or in a split second enlighten or give the reader reassurance of your services product or brand.

    A great strap line can really make a huge impact on any marketing campaign elevating your brand above your competitors and keep your company’s name in their minds for far greater length of time.

    However there is no point making for example a performance statement that your company can’t deliver on. This will just work in a negative way and you will rule the day you ever went with any strap line.

    Now producing a strap line might seem easy enough thing to do but it’s far from easy especially if you are to close to the subject. It normally requires someone impartial to look at your company or product etc to see its strengths and differences, combining these positives into a one line message that is memorable and instantly hits home.

    There are many different types of strap line including “performance”, “straight talking” or “enlightenment” etc which one is best depends significantly on the specific company, product or service you are promoting.

    I normally formulate around twenty strap lines for the client, generally there will be one or two they love which sums up everything they wanted to express themselves but were not able to articulate into one short memorable statement.

    At the en...

  • Green_interior_design_177_

    Let's that a closer look at green interior designs and sustainable interior design that still have that something special, wow or pop factor!

    As a humble interior designer who’s always looking to create the next fashionable interior, I also want to make the interior designs as green or eco-friendly as possible.

    Here is the rub, although it is becoming easier to source good eco-friendly or green products sometimes these environmental friendly products don’t produce the same wow factor or longevity of their non green counterparts!

    So what’s the answer? As you probably guessed there is no definitive answer, as this will depend on the client’s or company’s own ideology for the project.

    As always in these matters it is a balancing act or compromise, as there is no point producing interior designs using environmental friendly or green products if this doesn’t fulfil the needs of the project. However an interior design that doesn’t consider or use green products where possible is just thoughtless, expecting others to do the green thing whilst you just plough on regardless.

    So what all interior designers must do is to embrace the green side of things but not totally at the cost of wow, pop or feel good factor.

    Next time our interior design trek (and I love the title) will take us to;

    Interiors without quality interior lighting design is like serving fine wine in a plastic beaker!


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