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  • Branding: Company slogans are they a good or bad marketing tool? (Part 2)

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    The first thing when deciding on a company slogan or strap line for your company is do we really need one? By having a company strap line you have to ask will it bring added value or in a split second enlighten or give the reader reassurance of your services product or brand.

    A great strap line can really make a huge impact on any marketing campaign elevating your brand above your competitors and keep your company’s name in their minds for far greater length of time.

    However there is no point making for example a performance statement that your company can’t deliver on. This will just work in a negative way and you will rule the day you ever went with any strap line.

    Now producing a strap line might seem easy enough thing to do but it’s far from easy especially if you are to close to the subject. It normally requires someone impartial to look at your company or product etc to see its strengths and differences, combining these positives into a one line message that is memorable and instantly hits home.

    There are many different types of strap line including “performance”, “straight talking” or “enlightenment” etc which one is best depends significantly on the specific company, product or service you are promoting.

    I normally formulate around twenty strap lines for the client, generally there will be one or two they love which sums up everything they wanted to express themselves but were not able to articulate into one short memorable statement.

    At the end of the day you want to produce a strap line that people and your competitors will comment on in a positive manner.

    So should I have a strap line the answer is a definite yes but with reservations!

    Next time we will be discussing Search Engine Optimisation or SEO worth it or not?

    { Source : sma branding agency london }

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