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London, United Kingdom

Designer (Exhibition Design)

Member since September 30, 2010

  • Interior designers embrace green issues but don’t forget the wow factor!

    Environment, Environmental Design


    Let's that a closer look at green interior designs and sustainable interior design that still have that something special, wow or pop factor!

    As a humble interior designer who’s always looking to create the next fashionable interior, I also want to make the interior designs as green or eco-friendly as possible.

    Here is the rub, although it is becoming easier to source good eco-friendly or green products sometimes these environmental friendly products don’t produce the same wow factor or longevity of their non green counterparts!

    So what’s the answer? As you probably guessed there is no definitive answer, as this will depend on the client’s or company’s own ideology for the project.

    As always in these matters it is a balancing act or compromise, as there is no point producing interior designs using environmental friendly or green products if this doesn’t fulfil the needs of the project. However an interior design that doesn’t consider or use green products where possible is just thoughtless, expecting others to do the green thing whilst you just plough on regardless.

    So what all interior designers must do is to embrace the green side of things but not totally at the cost of wow, pop or feel good factor.

    Next time our interior design trek (and I love the title) will take us to;

    Interiors without quality interior lighting design is like serving fine wine in a plastic beaker!

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