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London, United Kingdom

Designer (Exhibition Design)

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  • Can’t Touch This – Museum Exhibition Display Showcases (2)

    Arts & Culture, Environmental Design


    So is that Vitrines or Showcases?

    Ok so you have a new exhibition, museum or visitor centre that requires new glass display showcases or acrylic vitrines.

    Now if you were paying attention you might have noticed that I can’t make up my mind whether to write museum display showcases or exhibition The reason for that is that in the UK we tend to call showcases made from glass “museum display showcases” and if they are from acrylic like Plexiglas or Perspex they seem to then be called “display vitrines”.vitrines or both?

    Now I hear you say not always and you would be right but it does seem to be the case more often than not. However, if you are in Europe and normally in the USA they tend to use the term vitrines whether the showcases are made from acrylic or glass.

    The main land Europeans will use both when speaking with anybody from the UK, well that’s been my experience to date. The bottom line is that both are correct just vitrine comes from the French language.

    By the way did you get the logo stop signs for this blog?

    Next time we will be getting down to the finer details of display showcase design.

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