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Gary George

Havelock, NC, United States

Member since September 07, 2010

  • Acquiring Wholesale Jewelry Needs Enquiries Time And Knowledge


    The precious metal that incurs the least cost is Silver. Silver is a very popular metal that is used in wholesale jewelry because of its beauty and less cost than gold. It is a harder metal than gold but still pliable to create beautiful fashion accents. Silver is considered precious because of its rarity and is used in making coins.

    Silver found in bars is almost one hundred percent pure. This silver comes directly from the mine. However this silver is much too soft to be used to make fashion accents. The metal must be mixed with other stronger metals to make the jewellery durable.

    Metal jewellery can be cast, machined or crafted by hand. Hand made items require time, skill and patience. This jewelry is more desired but always more expensive than machined or cast items. Labour is the reason for the higher cost.

    The United States requires people or companies to have a retail license to be able to buy wholesale. If a person without a license finds a website proclaiming to be wholesale, and will sell to anyone, it is not likely that wholesale merchandise can be bought. In actuality it will most likely be a discount priced website. A person must possess a reseller's license in order to purchase wholesale items.

    Supplies and jewellery can be found in any industrial country of the world. A large number can be found on the web. Jewellery can be made out of different metals, which will be less costly than precious metals. Tin, aluminium, steel and a smelting of metals called pot metal are common materials for inexpensive jewellery.

    Stones used in the process are numerous ranging from expensive precious stones like diamonds, semi-precious stones like turquoise or jade to simple inexpensive crystals. Native American jewelry is often made from silver and semi-precious stones like turquoise. This jewelry is often fashioned by hand and made in the image of symbols of their spirituality.

    Depending on location will determine what stones and metals are used. For instance if the native tribe lives near an ocean, they may use coral and shells. In the Black Hills the Sioux used a special process to create their gold. But jewelry is not limited to metal. Some natives used bone, seeds, wood and plants. Some even do stone work and inlay stone within stone.

    Fabricating or buying pre-made products require buying wholesale if a profit is to be made. When an individual buys this way, they generally purchase in bulk or large numbers. A minimum is required to buy at wholesale prices, however when items are purchased in large amounts the price per unit will be lower.

    Sometimes it takes a bit of time to get set up with wholesale vendors, most of them will be checking to see if a license has been procured and is indeed registered in the name of the person who is inquiring. They also may do a credit check to see what they will allow to be purchased by this person. Another factor in buying wholesale can sometimes be proprietary. Some manufacturers allow only a certain number of retailers per area to ensure the success of these retailers. When buying wholesale jewelry, people should to do research to find the best quality product for the best price.

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