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Mo Subi


Designer (Art Direction)

Member since September 06, 2010

I'm basically a "multitasker". Two years ago I decided to quit my job as an art director of a magazine and started freelancing for my own editorial design studio, Oz Artworks. Why that name? Because the decision was taken while a sabatical period in Australia. Oz is the short name that Australians give to their country.

But as I said I'm basically a "multitasker", and this needs an explanation.

Well, the thing is that I have a degree in Journalism and I've been also freelancing as a Journalist since more than 10 years now. I was even testing motorcycles for quite a while -but not anymore, too dangerous, believe me.

Being busy with design and journalism I also found time to write a novel that hopefully is going to be published soon –it's on the good way (please, cross your fingers). And because I was having so much fun writing, I've already started the second.

I am a "Barcelonina" that has lived in Madrid and New York and is currently living in Zurich. But no, I don't speak German… yet (give me time). Only Spanish, Catalan and English.

Thanks to technology I just need a laptop and access to the net to work, so please, forget about the borders, this is a big world and I'm a freelancer!

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Well-being, Communication Design


PRO·CRAS·TI·NATE |prəˈkrastəˌnāt; prō-| verb [ intrans. ] Delay or postpone action; put off doing so...

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United Nations for the Refugees: monthly contribution. Sonrisas de Bombay: monthly contribution and I fostered a child through them.

Nothing is too wonderful to be true.

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