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Francisco Gonzalez

Miami Shores, FL, United States

Social Entrepreneur

Member since August 16, 2010

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    It is embodied in human nature to seek the solutions needed to solve problems we believe we have, or that other people have, before even taking the time to speak with them to gain a full understanding. We usually see other people’s problems or misfortunes from our own ethnocentric perspective, influenced by our cultural identity, heritage, and beliefs, however the solutions and outcomes that we create may not be what these people truly need. Creating a solution without hearing, experimenting and observing their habits, behaviors, and culture, and understanding their emotions and goals may lead us to create programs and products that would not be accepted nor have value for them, while we thought that we had created what they needed. How can they see the value in our ideas?

    The first thing that I want to address is how we generally perceive the poor. Our mind projects and compares our way of life to theirs, and we classify the poor in relation to the perceived disparity between them and us. Most of the impoverished haven’t any clue nor care about the way in which we live; they only need to have a little bit more of what they already have, perhaps some emotional support, perhaps the need to cover their basic needs and requirements, and this very well may be all that is required in order to sustain themselves and their families.

    When we go to places where very poor people live we may experience a feeling of guilt or anger and we tend to think in terms of how unhappy they...

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    We would like to share our Social Innovation Blog.

    The blog is about sharing innovative ideas, information, and products created by design firms, universities, foundations and social entrepreneurs around the world, which are helping 90% of the world to have a better life.

    We focus our content on projects that are using design thinking and human-centered approaches to address complex social issues around the globe and about digging deep into the unknown so that fresh relevant inspiration comes to light.

    I share my thoughts with people having a strong desire to eliminate poverty housing, homelessness, and disease, and to address global problems such as poverty, education, access to potable water & basic needs.

    Together, we can share ideas about products, programs, and services to create healthy communities and establish the bases for employment generation, self-sustainability & meaningful lives.

Poverty alleviation through design thinking and human-centered approaches

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