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Francisco Gonzalez

Miami Shores, FL, United States

Social Entrepreneur

Member since August 16, 2010

I am social entrepreneur with a burning desire to help people in need. Both my credentials and background don’t mean so much to me; they are tools that helped me get where I am today but they are not what I am. I am not hidden behind titles. I am Francisco, period.

I have a very eclectic formation. I am an architect, a 2nd degree black belt taekwon-do assistant instructor, a Reiki Master, an experienced snow skier, a traveler, and an avid writer and reader. I also hold an advanced project management certification from Stanford University and a Master’s Degree in Real Estate Development.

By saying so, all these things are my past and I am concentrating on the present, and my present time is what I am doing right now. Now I am writing… tomorrow… who knows? I mixed my titles up because I don’t care about them. I am a spiritual being who cares about experiences and about creating a meaningful life for myself, for my family and for all the people in need, regardless religion, race and sexual orientation. THIS IS ME. I am passionate about design and aesthetics that can create a meaningful impact in the world. I enjoy addressing global social issues such as health, poverty, spirituality, basic needs, and digging deeper into the unknown so that fresh relevant inspiration comes to light. My intellectual curiosity, intuition, and analytical mind is always seeking new ways to provide value for the people while understanding their needs and creating innovative solutions. It’s hard to define myself as a degree person. My degree is in architecture. I contribute to different teams in many ways and arenas. I am a versatile executive that can switch roles to match the needs of each project After being a designer and artist, since I can remember, I’ve spent my last 10 years in the US in a business environment, where I led projects in excess of $ 500 million. But I am coming back to my roots, to my passion, to what I really love, to breath again. In this new decade, that I am starting, I would like to contribute something new and meaningful to the world. I live in Miami with my wife Natalia and my two daughters, Delfina (8) and Juana (4). We came to Miami in 2002 from Buenos Aires, Argentina, where our whole family still resides. I love to combine the cultural influences of living in South America, where scarcity and tough constraints forced me to break new grounds, with my Miami experience and my trips to many countries. I am passionate about translating and teaching what I learn. I enjoy digging into the unknown, and knowing that success can come from the most unlikely of all directions. Since I have a multifaceted and eclectic background I can wear different hats and fill the gaps in many teams.

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It is embodied in human nature to seek the solutions needed to solve problems we believe we have, or...

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Our blog is about sharing innovative ideas, information, solutions and strategies, created by design firms, universities, foundations and social entrepreneurs around the world, which are helping 90% of the world to have a better life.

We focus our content on projects that are using design thinking and human-centered approaches to address complex social issues around the globe and about digging deep into the unknown so that fresh relevant inspiration comes to light.

I share my thoughts with people having a strong desire to eliminate poverty housing, homelessness, and disease, and to address global problems such as poverty, education, access to potable water & basic needs.

Together, we can share ideas about products, programs, and services to create healthy communities and establish the bases for employment generation, self-sustainability & meaningful lives.

I started this blog because I wanted to bring innovation to the base of the pyramid, understanding the needs of constituents better in order to create innovative solutions that meet their needs, which can be sustained for years. I believe that people in need are the ones that allow their desires to guide the creation and implementation of new ideas and solutions. They are the ones who know best what the right solutions are and I love to observe them, hear them, and dive deep to see new opportunities that allow me to deliver solutions that can help enhance the lives of people living on less than $2-3 a day.

I am a social entrepreneur working on a meaningful project to help Indigenous tribes in Argentina come out of poverty, utilizing design for social impact approaches. I will be sharing my points of view, ideas, and my work in progress that started with the Toba tribe in “el impenetrable”, Chaco. In Resistencia's (Chaco’s capital) slums, about 112,000 people live on $2 or $3 per day and almost half of Chaco's 1 million people live below the poverty line.

Our project intends to help aboriginal populations of Chaco, one of the poorest provinces of Argentina, which live on the marginsof society with little or no political voice. We are exploring solutions to eliminate poverty housing and informal settlements, where vulnerability to natural disasters represents a big challenge.

Poverty alleviation through design thinking and human-centered approaches

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