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Tao Ma

Nanjing, China

Designer (Product Design)

Member since May 22, 2007

  • frame tele

    Community, Industrial Design


    You cannot imagine that it is actually a telephone when it is hung on the wall as a photo frame. Beautiful pictures of your family members, friends as well as your own pictures can be shown continuously on the screen of the frame. When the telephone rings, caller’s picture will be shown on the screen (of course pictures need to be saved in FRAME TELE in advance, or some beautiful scenery pictures will be shown instead).

    more details you can see on

  • data line bracelet 2009

    Arts & Culture, Fashion Design


    computer data line bracelet , connect by yourself!!! more details you can see on

  • self murder cup issue

    Arts & Culture, Industrial Design


    self murder cup issue, play it

  • EWS new millennium of the storage

    Communication, Industrial Design


    Is an earring? yes, but same time is a wireless storage, has 10GB! it use the bluetooth technology, you don't need insert anything in your computer because wireless storage into the new millennium!

    you can see more details on the

  • global warming pendant 2009

    Arts & Culture, Fashion Design


    global warming pendant 2009

  • global warming pendant 2009

    Environment, Industrial Design


    global warming pendant 2009, this time i add the moon in the drop

  • death's head ashtray

    Education, Industrial Design



  • self murder cup

    Communication, Industrial Design



  • global warming usb pendant

    Environment, Industrial Design



  • absolute usb

    Well-being, Industrial Design


    the style from the USB logo, like three-pronged fork or weapon. Who knows, perhaps Satan will buy this USB. red one is 1GB ,black one is 512MB

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  • Industrial Design
  • Environmental Design
  • Communication Design
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