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Tao Ma

Nanjing, China

Designer (Product Design)

Member since May 22, 2007

  • vain watch! time on skin!

    Arts & Culture, Industrial Design


    vain watch! time on skin! The ‘Vain Watch’ concept takes the traditional concept of a wrist watch to a whole new level in technology. The hollowness in trying to keep abreast of time is reflected with all the technological brilliance. The time is displayed on the skin rather than on a tangible surface. The watch is also designed to reflect time with changing colors and different levels of brightness. And for those with an ability to tell time in Chinese, there’s an option to do so as well.

  • gyrating time watch

    Arts & Culture, Industrial Design


    the circular piece in a gyrating motion, it has two sides, one side is earth pattern, another side is moon pattern. when the circular piece rotate it means sometime! you can contrast to the graduations are marked on the watch surface. gyrating time watch as the earth is rolling round all the time.

    more details:

  • punctuation cups

    Arts & Culture, Industrial Design


    Money is not everything, but without it you can do nothing!

  • my frog

    Arts & Culture, Fashion Design


    has used in the print products more details

  • Police Wagon USB

    Communication, Industrial Design


    when you insert Police Wagon USB, the lights flashing! details

  • ZTE Corporation Gateway Device H250

    Communication, Industrial Design


    Nowadays, Internet has become an indispensable part of modern life! Traditional gateway is just a kind of equipment while the GATEWAY showed as the following illustration is a combination of gateway and photo frame. Such kind of gateway makes you closer to the image of your friends or lover and perhaps you will miss them more. The GATEWAY is slender and with it the image of your friends or lover will accompany you when you are on the Internet on the lonesome evening.

    more details ,

  • earth's history

    Arts & Culture, Fashion Design


    i drawing what in my brain, the earth's history! more details please see,

  • world on the pencil

    Arts & Culture, Fashion Design


    i drawing what in my brain, world on the pencil! more details please see ,

  • world on the pencil

    Arts & Culture, Fashion Design


    i drawing what in my brain, the world on the pencil! details please see

  • GUN CUP 007 preferred choice when having tea

    Arts & Culture, Industrial Design


    Gun is a weapon which can kill person. However, GUN CUP is used to serve the drink. Do not pull a gun easily, sit down, relax yourself and have a cup of tea. Everything can be solved! Love peace, love yourself and others! GUN CUP ¨C 007, preferred choice when having tea! more details please see

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  • Industrial Design
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  • Communication Design
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