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Sharmila Wood

New Delhi, India


Member since August 10, 2010

  • Building Design Capacity



    A key element of the handbook that I am working on, is the importance of transferring skills so that artisans can design their own products. Within this framework, there are a number of different approaches, which, I'll blog about. There are several new innovations in teaching creative thinking, problem solving, reflection and planning. There is a broad knowledge and expertise required to undertake a design intervention. In order to to move along the continuum from daily wage labourer to an independent designer/entrepreneur, requires the transmission of skills over a continued period. Kerry Ann Wilson from Zardozi, Markets for Afghan Artisans, recommends: ‘Nurture and develop those who have design skills, develop what design capacity there is and recognise that not all artisans can design. For those artisans who have a passion for design provide a comprehensive training course.’

    Photo: Anwesha Dhokra Necklaces, India

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Market Access, Livelihoods, Social and Economic Justice, Rights & Responsibilities

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