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Strada Mauro

Milano, Italia, Italy

Designer (Art Direction)

Member since July 05, 2010

Lives and works in Milan. He debuted in the late 80s as an illustrator for publishing in early 1990 began to work with creative agencies. In 1995 he joined the creative department of the radio network RTL 102.5 which soon becomes a major private national radio. In 2000 he was chief creative officer in the field of web agency; parallel activity, is a professor and tutor for training of professionals in field of communication courses implemented. In 2003 he created his first creative studio, but it is the birth of the study in 2005 MS Design, which specializes in designing and creating 360 ° of design projects and creativity and publishing companies. Produce for Intesa P.B. Tarot Soul, which encapsulate and accompany a training project on a national scale, which involve over 800 people. In 2005 at the Palazzo Marino in Milan, attended among others by the President of National Chamber of Fashion, Fashion Tarot are presented depicting the best-known fashion names nationally and internationally. He's art director of all publishing projects of the publisher Crisalide Press. In 2010 the publisher Corraini publishes 30 drawings for the deck of cards "The Metaphors of Knowledge. "

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My Interests

  • Industrial Design
  • Environmental Design
  • Communication Design
  • Fashion Design
  • Audio/Visual Design