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pune, Maharashtra, India

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  • Man vs. machine


    There are pros and cons to the existence of various softwares used for draughting. Softwares make things so much simpler and efficient; work that can be completed however immaculately by an expert architect in several hours can be done in a fraction of that time by a well-written piece of software. Also, softwares ensure that the work is free of errors, and has a professional, albeit, machine-generated touch to it. They arguably also have the capacity to turn several chimerical ideas into reality with relative ease. They have been able to add several degrees of sophistication to designs without the accompanying complexity and difficulty of making them which is so often a hallmark of manual draughting. So softwares have revolutionized draughting but at a price which you rightly point out. They have taken the charm and the skill out of draughting which is always an inevitable consequence of any kind of automation. When the human stamp is missing from a work, it is as if the soul of that creation is missing. However perfect that work is, it appears to be lifeless because draughting and, for that matter, any creative activity has been an essentially human endeavor. Without an adequate amount of contribution from a human being, the work is simply not alive. I lament this change to a certain extent because it compromises the creative pleasure that one gets out of an activity such as draughting.
    In conclusion, I must say I am happy that powerful softwares help me achieve the full potential of my imagination because that is something I probably would not have been able to do by hand. At the same time I find it somewhat unfortunate that I am deprived of an opportunity to leave a personal stamp on my work. Finally, I definitely agree that more attention must be paid to the actual work than to the tool that is used to complete it. Kedar

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