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  • Blogcamp Togo - The First Edition 2011

    Communication, Communication Design


    Blogcamp Togo 2011 --- The Official Logo

    The Blogcamp Togo will be held on Saturday, August 20th 2011 at the CNF (Campus Numérique Francophone) of the University of Lomé in Togo.

    This event intends to gather for six (6) hours, the most influent and important social web users and Bloggers in Togo! The first edition of the Blogcamp Togo is attributed to the "Association Nativ".

    For this event, Lordfera Design Inc., as the most influent Internet Social Event Designs provider in Togo, is been associated for the design of the Logo.

    Togo web users want to gather to make great things for the future!

    For more informations about this event: Le Blog de Toussine

    Lordfera Design Inc.


    Community, Communication Design


    Barcamp Abidjan 2011

    The Barcamp Abidjan 2011 is an Internet an Communications's social event that will take place on the October, 7th and 8th 2011.

    This event is at its 3rd edition and will gather many social network's actors of Ivory Coast. It is hosted by Akendewa, a local non-profit organization which objective is to emulate the used of the new technologies in Africa.

    For this third edition of the Barcamp Abidjan, Lordfera Design Inc. was contacted for a proposition of a new logo for the event. The picture linked to this post is the logo that was proposed by Lordfera Design Inc. and after accepted by the organizers of this event. This logo took its representation from the theme of the Event : "TIC au service de la communauté" (ICT for the Community).

    As the social design is concerned, we can say that here at Lordfera Design Inc. the principal mission is to bring something new into Africa in terms of design. And note that Lordfera Design Inc. has also made the logo of the Barcamp LOME 2010 and 2011 (December 10th - 11th)

    Let's meet on Abidjan, at October 7th and 8th

    For any further information about the Barcamp Abidjan 2011: Official Website

  • Barcamp Lomé 2010

    Community, Communication Design

    Le barcamp lomé 2010 s'est déroulé le 11 décembre 2010 à l'Hotel Acropolys et rassemblait autour d'un thème "les contenus togolais dans l'écosystème du web" plusieurs participants notamment des designers et Lordfera était de la dance. Le logiciel libre SVG Inkscape était au menu et tous les participants se sont vus introduits à inkscape.

Le communautaire et le social sont les grands enjeux du millénaire! Penser aux autres, les aider, les réconforter et montrer l'amour à travers le design!

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