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Delhi, Delhi, India


Member since April 18, 2010

  • World Class City


    'As the wheels turns full circle, The sky is perfect few puffy bright clouds against the morning sun. A bird catches the first flight, spinning in the sky'.

    The above poetry is a whim of an eleven year old describing her dreamland, but kids talk and they all grow up. But wait a minute and think for a moment. Do we not like the wonder-words? What is so childish about visiting a park on a bike into the greens? Haven't we like that child wanted to grow up in a wonderland? Howsoever lusted we are of the technologies and gadgets, ultimately its in nature and people that we find solace in. We are social animals and the problem occurs when we forget this fact while envisaging a city.

    Lewis Mumford stated about cities- “The city multiplies man’s power to think, to educate, to communicate and makes association which bridges or bypasses the nations, cultures, elites; these mixture and cosmopolitanism is the chief source of cities vitality”. For years city planners, designers and philosophers have envisioned and experimented in planning different kinds of cities. In my mind, a true future world-class city will be based on two principles- ‘Sustainability’ and ‘lesser greed’. The first major lesson that one learns from the past centuries is that all the demographic projections and surveys have been a failure for any cities, we have failed to project the number of people coming, going, living, working, renting, subletting and encroaching. The world-class city has to only be effectively ...

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  • Industrial Design
  • Environmental Design
  • Communication Design
  • Fashion Design
  • Audio/Visual Design