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JuneBug Raitim

Boston, MA, United States

Graphic Design thesis researcher

Member since April 18, 2010

The Thesis Research Project; Accessibility Design Network Creation based on the Case Study of Accessibility Packaging Design for Blind and Visually Impaired People (Cow Milk products in US market)

To open a new perspective in Accessibility Design to the design community, the Accessibility Design Network is created initially approached through a case study of finding expected design solution for blind and visually impaired people to gain access by integrating their visual language; Braille, Large Print Format and Tactile Graphic, into the product packaging.

Research Methodology initiates as an universal design system to experiment, and examine the Expected Design Solutions regarding of Accessibility Design Research. According to the Research Methodology comprises four steps; Creation, Process, Marketing and Follow Up.

  1. Creation Section designed for the identification of Accessibility Design Network for graphic design community; logo and social media production.

  2. Process Section designed for investigation of Accessibility Packaging Design on Cow Milk products in United State market; scenario testes, and analysis and evaluation production.

  3. Marketing Section designed for promotion the Accessibility Design; Standard GuideBook, and advertised campaign production.

  4. Follow Up Section designed for recommendation the Accessibility Design Research work on account of direction of US government; active Accessibility Design Network and Initiate Standard GuideBook Introduction.

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