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Designer (Graphic Design)

Member since April 11, 2010

A persistent passion for Art and Design has transported me from the traditional and precise traces of hyperrealism through the spontaneity of doodles to the innovative conception of the artist book. Thus, after many years in search of an identifiable style, I can only conclude that my artistic approach is eclectic. I have allowed my artwork to be influenced by a diverse range of sources; for instance, the emotions of many famous and anonymous artists, the people I know, the places I visit, innumerable social causes, nature, poetry, and my own insight.

I envision my design work to be able to speak all the languages and sometimes none. I intend for my ever-changing artistic style to honor the principles of design. But to also be willing to ignore them, to grow free, to portray what I see through the eyes of my fantasy, to translate the silent voice of the downtrodden, and to surpass the barriers of discrimination. I certainly expect my unruly combination of doodles, poetic typography, and profound appreciation of concepts to effectively communicate the visual expression of my ideas and influences, to promote social awareness, and to reflect universality rather than a specific culture.

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Communication, Communication Design

Design is a complex fusion, translated to its simplest expression.

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AGAPE, Alliance for Global Action, Peace and Evolution | AIGA, American Institute of Graphic Arts | Bienes Museum of the Modern Book

I believe Design has no culture, it is universal.

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  • Industrial Design
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