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Logolego logotipos

Mexico, d.f., Mexico

Designer (Graphic Design)

Member since April 10, 2010

from Mexico... After several years, of having trouble with clients that only wanted dating instead of design I decided to create LOGOLEGO.

Logolego is a design company with great experience and creative talent that offers a diferent way of making logos, we have a big catalogue that we use as a base, then any logo anyone choose is changed, adapted or adjusted, so people can choose whatever style they want, but we have like a library so they learn to know what they like, in design terms. In this way you don´t loose so many time learning what the client likes, and because normally they don´t know either.

They call me if for specific arrangement for any idea they want. Normally all they have to do is to select the Logo of their convenience, so we can know what style of logo they are lookinfg for, usually, in less than 48 hrs. they can have the ideal Logo that can build a new and better image for their company... and now I am so happy, and the people I help to create their image and web pages are also very happy, sometimes we know each other just at the last phase of the web page, or any other part of the design. I hope someone understands this type of hapiness after all those years of being h....... by clients ( not all of them of course ;) ) Ixchel

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Logolego is a design company with great experience and creative talent that offers a diferent way of...

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The way I help foundations, is I don't charge a penny for any logo they ask me, this is my way of helping humanitarian causes I also help animal societys, I always help defendeless dogs that live in the streets, I clean them, take them to the veterinarian and find new parents for them. I have one very beautiful now that need good parents... Thanks Ixchel

Create a Logo without meeting people, is an Art

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