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Deepti Maithil Nagpal

mumbai, maharashtra, India

Designer (architecture)

Member since May 22, 2007

  • Women Architects

    Arts & Culture, Environmental Design

    Any field is constituted by its history as well as its present which lies in hands of professionals and academic institutions. One thing that catches one's attention is the number of women architects practising around. Ofcourse its not scarce to find women in this field but wonder why and when will their names feature in the top architects list? Lets see I can find Zaha Hadid , Brinda Somaya , Anupama Kundoo .....any more will be a revelation....

  • Practising Architecture in India

    Education, Environmental Design

    Ever since I joined architecture practice , every day has been a new experience for me.For all the time spent in various work places in all these years , I am still left wondering if I will really be able to put into practice all that I have learnt in school. My first year after school was spent in learning autocad - a draughting tool which has gained prime importance in our field so much so that till date I am trying to measure upto draughtsmen who probably didnt spend 5 yrs getting an architecture education. Then I was told that building elevation should be good looking almost like it was separate from the entire design process....I was put through gathering photos from all over the world of glossy buildings whether or not they fitted our climate and environment. Another biggie was the 'builders perspective'....someone who wants quick business and cannot wait for a design process, my teachers didnt tell me of this demi-god. I am still wondering if they are workplaces where transition from school is easier or its a said and done thing to accept everything and go on.What future does this field hold in this country?

  • changing roles of designers

    Arts & Culture, Industrial Design

    Change in role of designers has always been a matter of deep concern for all design professionals.Every age has its own winners and losers designers are facing the challenge of constantly changing their roles.The role of a designer in Retail and Real Estate is an example of the same.Both these fields are booming and suddenly everyone is either vying to find a way in or already finding themselves in it. While retail has its philosophy like real estate of making most and any how, designers are left with no choice but to join the gang. They function more like managers or salespeople and not as generators of design.

  • '------design' sells

    Arts & Culture, Communication Design

    The word design has a strange magnetism and almost everything qualififes with this word behind it.In todays day and age where it easier to get carried away with smart marketing it is getting tougher and tougher to define 'design'. The latest to hit the racks is 'culture design' I mean I was just coming to terms with an academic course called 'business design' till I heard this one. I always understood and still believe design is a creative problem solving ability........period.What else ? With words losing their meaning and with universal progression towards democracy we are succumbing to ever powerful market forces and losing the point!

  • architecture .....a dying profession?!

    Education, Environmental Design

    It is worth sparing a thought sometimes whether we will really need architects in the future.The profession as it stands in today does not call for such a large number of professionals with a such a rigorous background .There is a schism between the syllabus taught at the school and the real world practice in India. There is a lack of connection between the requirements of a regular architects office and the subjects one learns in school. Real world practice in this profession in India means either facing bunch of middle aged sales people who boast themselves of being super successful architects or understand another very important aspect of the practice how to manoeuvre your way through red tapism at the municipality. Both of these are byproducts of commercialisation and probably the only way you could fight these would be by becoming another agreeable prototype. So when do we put into practice all that we learnt in school? I dont know .... or does this dilemma point to another possibility that of changing the nature of education itself so that it is more 'real' and applicable .So essentially the question is what is the future of this profession?

  • As in any era or any field education is always of significance .........what is taught is as important as how it is taught. As far as content is concerned constant questioning is always essential to prevent stagnation of thought and in renewal process of old ideas. While the technique of imparting education goes with advent of new technology it has become easier to get the point across but sometimes the medium becomes more overpowering than the subject which can be digressive and may also create wrong ideals in the mind of the student.

  • In the era of clever marketing and all the importance one has started to attach to saleability true content is taking a back seat.Genuine talent is being pushed away to make space for gloss and street smart salesmanship.Though selling is a creative business too but one must not forget that design is that brave being which is not slave to any popular temporary wave of consumerism.

  • architects vs anthropologists

    Environment, Environmental Design

    I am quite pained to learn that architects are becoming notorious by the day.While it is true that they are important actors the society fails to understand their roles correctly..... Most anthropologists attack architects as destroyers of the urban environment.....but I guess they miss the point. An architect is an equivalent of a film actor .He works under the person who hires him.In his or her initial years he or she does not have the standing to call the shots , the kind of position most social activists assign to this community is achieved only when the architect has lived nearly 20 or 30 years as a subordinate taking instructions from his superiors.During this period though he can voice his concern but I am sure no one is really going to take him seriously.So the mojority of this profession is quite voiceless for most part of their lives. So then before attacking one has to understand who is being attacked.Instead why not look at the entire machinery as a whole .....the building industry is a huge enterprise and it is not only unwise but unreal to blame the architect for all environment wrong that is out there.

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  • Industrial Design
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