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Deepti Maithil Nagpal

mumbai, maharashtra, India

Designer (architecture)

Member since May 22, 2007

  • Metro Work Mumbai

    Environment, Environmental Design

    With the city witnessing its foray into becoming a well connected smart place traveling even short distances is becoming a task! 'Metro Work' boards fail to give a euphemistic effect.....what will come is robbing the city of its efficiency in the present scenario..... jams jams and more JAMS are becoming routine 1.5 hr routines are becoming 2.5 hr one thing is increasing though...... our patience and more of it hoping to see a new city fabric soon..... there have to be more efforts in making people aware of wht is envisaged.

    WE need to know wht we are waiting for ......its our city our day to day life thts going to be affected soon ofcourse as promised in a positive way but how come there's so little made available to the city in terms of information about new infrastructure ,new bus route , new trains instead tvs are being planted allover for entertainment......why not spend some on spreading information instead?

  • A friend of mine informed me from Bangalore how introducing Metro in Bangalore has already started robbing the city of its beauty and splendour. Lots of gardens and hundreds of trees have been felled. Unmentionable traffic problems have been caused. Worst part is....architecturally, flaws were found that could not gotten to be agreed with the actual requirement!

    I dont think Metro could be an answer for our Mumbai. and again to establish a smoother and better infrastructure coordination, honest civil authorities are required. And I dont think honesty in civil authorities exist anymore. I m pained.

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