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Deepti Maithil Nagpal

mumbai, maharashtra, India

Designer (architecture)

Member since May 22, 2007

  • Structure of Architecture Education

    Education, Environmental Design

    While so much revolution characterises education from one age to another I guess the indian system is still reeling under the effects of age old notions. Ofcourse the British influence of rigorous draughting continues to be a part of our schools not to forget construction details also reflect past day ideas. When one actually starts practising one realises how practical and real one has to be which is quite absent in the 5 yr curriculum of school....purposefully or otherwise I still don't know!

    I believe its more rigorous in United Kingdom with its 3 level system of 8 yr curriculum , it is almost like no one really completes the third level! even the ones who make it to second level have had to really fight hard.

    So what is it that makes an 'Architect' definitely not school it ability to practise successfully? is it ability to maket oneself well ? is it ability to handle everything or be able to do a little of everything....I am still figuring out.

  • i think what school teach us the basics, and the old dogmatic thing which we used to mug from an era. But that is what not applicable to innovative curriculum. The so called school(design or archi) gives you the knowledge that give the base were you can really bring out the ideas and vision, but that a'int enough ,there is a difference bet a artist and designer , ultimately you have to be smart enough to convince your design to people, and that why it takes time, like in your architecture . Any design is of no use even its very artistic or very creative. Its the feasibility part . I have observed my friend drawing sheet all the night and these bullshits really turning them into real professionals. So I think our curriculum is not that bad........

  • Hailing from Education industry, I have often interacted with colleagues from various profession - and specially among ones from Literature and Architecture. Both deal with Construction, Deconstruction, and Post Mordernism in different ways.

    As part of an intellectual jargon, we all agreed that the best way to promote and develop Architecture Education among Indian mode of education is that students at an early age in school (by 6th Grade) to be identified, who have 2 qualities in them....1) Great drawing skills, and 2) Above average mathematical skills. Such students to be provided with a specialised support course for architecture (covering geometry and drawing) in lieu of proper science subjects, while counselling them and their parents for it. And by the time they will be in 12th......they will be very strong in their approach for architecture education.

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