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Doug Cloud

United States

Designer (Illustration)

Member since April 04, 2010

  • Trees Have A Right To Live Here, Too.


    In response to Man Made Image, posted by Corbet Curfman,
    in the thread Man Made Image

    For the longest time there was this big, beautiful tree just outside my apartment. It's branches hung over our driveway and provided shade, shelter, and food for many birds and squirrels. Then one day the neighbor guy cut it down. I was so appalled that I wrote a letter to the editor of our local paper. I basically said that trees have a right to live here, too. What would the neighbor guy think if I cut down his wife because her big butt blocked the sun coming in my window?

    The problem is that human beings don't really consider nature. They think more of themselves. To them nature is just a pile of resources to be squandered and exploited. Unfortunately, this will never change, because humans will always be this way.

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