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Robert Ferry

United Arab Emirates

Designer (architecture)

Member since April 03, 2010

Studied Impact Design is a multidisciplinary design house focused on the environmental impact of design. Through various projects in social practice artwork, architecture, new media, and graphic design, we call attention to issues of resource and energy conservation. And we take action through our designs to minimize the impact that our projects have on ecosystems so that they are sustainable additions to our shared living habitat for generations in the future.

Founding Members:

ROBERT FERRY is a licensed architect and a graduate of Carnegie Mellon University. His architectural focus is on designing buildings and other public objects that go above and beyond current popular notions of sustainability to achieve complete harmony with their local and global environments and with the people that use them.

While based in the UAE, he has been consulting on such projects as MASDAR City and ADNOC HQ. He is the designer of less-than-zero-impact or positive-impact buildings that double as a renewable energy power-plants. He is the Ambassador in the UAE for the Living Building Institute.

ELIZABETH MONOIAN is an interdisciplinary artist and designer who uses the Internet, found objects, public spaces, electronic noise, video, and performance. She is currently working on large-scale international public art projects that both address and expose models of environmental sustainability.

She is the founder and Director of Society for Cultural Exchange, a non-profit arts organization that is developing exchanges nationally and internationally between communities, academics and artists. Society for Cultural Exchange is dedicated to the perpetuation of free-thought—a thinking for the self while considering the facts of the world as experienced by us each as individuals and shared by us all as a collective society.

Her work has screened and exhibited internationally in venues including: the XXIII Moscow International Film Festival, Moscow, Russia; Anthology Film Archives, NYC; Open Screen Belgrade, Belgrade, Serbia; Festival of Actual Kino, Novosibirsk, Russia; The Kiasma Museum of Contemporary Art, Helsinki, Finland; and the International Media Art Festival at the Armenian Center of Contemporary Experimental Art, Yerevan, Armenia.

Elizabeth received an MFA from Carnegie Mellon University and is currently an Assistant Professor of Visual Communications at the American University in Dubai.

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Society for Cultural Exchange, Board of Directors Land Art Generator Initiative, Co-founder

Sustainability is not just about resources, but also about social harmony.

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