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    International Competition for Original Programs for Children’s Workshops

    International Competition for Original Programs for Children’s Workshops

    The Asian Culture Complex (ACC), due to open in Gwangju in 2014, is holding an international competition for original programs for children’s workshops.

    The ACC, a core facility in the Hub City of Asian Culture Project, is a multi-functional culture complex, unprecedented in its scale. It consists of five centers, including the Cultural Promotion Agency, Asian Culture Information Agency, Cultural Exchange Agency, Asian Arts Theater and Children Culture Agency. The ACC will conduct exchange and cooperation, acting as a cultural powerhouse to promote Asian culture around the world. In particular, it seeks to emerge as the hub in a network for the exchange of and between cultural arts resources, artists and institutions, enabled by the creation of culture and arts content that combines artistic creativity and cutting-edge technology.

    The Children Culture Agency is a space for children and a cultural powerhouse for future generations. It will provide a varied cultural environment to help children think outside the box and look at the world with sensitivity and creativity. It will produce culture and arts content that is unconstrained by time, space, theme or material and help children experience the content so that the world around them will be brought closer to home. The Children Culture Agency will play a dual role: it will be a place for children to experience original culture and arts content; and it will also be a cultural leader in creating and disseminating content for children.

    The children’s workshop programs, implemented to promote the development of culture and arts content for children, are intended to be future-oriented educational programs brought to life through proactive interaction between instructors and children. They should help participants look at issues from new perspectives and come up with various solutions through close communication between themselves. As is widely known, communication with peers is a key tool for the development of social skills in children.

    This international competition calls for entries of such children’s workshop programs. The programs selected through the competition will be conducted with children to determine the realizability of the programs and their operation. The knowhow gained from this experience will be shared. The competition also aims to find novel ideas and talented artists to be part of the foundation of many more children’s workshop programs to come.

    The theme of the 2010 workshops for children is “Sustainable.” The ACC looks forward to the many interpretations that artists will make of the theme and the different meanings they will find, which will ultimately lead to the birth of creative workshop programs.

    Today, the heavy emphasis on academic study often leaves children with very little free time. Children are curious about the world and are eager to explore and ask questions, but their studies in and out of school do not allow them the time to do so. It seems no one is asking them what their real interests, questions and needs are.

    The Children Culture Agency seeks to be a guiding light for children. Its programs, made by and for children, will be sunlit windows of opportunity for them to explore new worlds. We look forward to the participation of many exciting artists in this competition.

    1. Competition Overview Theme:
    Sustainable Eligibility:
    Individuals or groups (teams) interested in developing workshops for children Schedule Submission Period: Apr. 26 (Mon.) ~ 30 (Fri.), 2010 (5 days) Evaluation: May 1 (Sat.) ~ May 4 (Tue.), 2010 Announcement of results: May 5 (Wed.) (Successful contestants will also be notified individually.) Application: Online submissions to be sent to Ms. Yoo-jin Lee (+82-2-3277-3899, Items to be Submitted: Resume & portfolio (no designated format) (1 copy each) Application (1 copy) Workshop program plan (no designated format but must include budget) (1 copy)

    2. Evaluation and Award Evaluation method

    1. Overseas Artists
    2. 1st evaluation of artist groups, selection of 5 teams ▶ 2nd collection of plans and evaluation ▶ Selection of 3 final teams

    3. Korean artists

    4. 1st evaluation of plans, selection of 5 teams ▶ 2nd evaluation of presentations ▶ Selection of 2 final teams

    5. Opportunity to proceed with a workshop program given to final 5 teams

    Evaluation Criteria:

    1. Evaluation of artists’ career and communication skills

    2. Content of program plan: Appropriateness of theme /material, educational effect, degree of differentiation and realizability

    3. Potential of plans: Originality, linkage to the community, possibility of One Source Multi-Use (OSMU)


    • At time of final selection, actual workshops will be held based on winning teams’ plans; all expenses will be covered.
    • 1st selection prize money: 1,000,000 won (Total of 10 teams)
    • Final selection prize money: 1,000,000 won (A total of 5 teams)
    • Funding for all workshop expenses will be provided (including artists’ travel expenses and accommodations)

    3. Workshop Operation Method Workshop Schedule:
    One workshop will be held by each winning team (Total of 5 from first week of June to fourth week of July.) (Detailed schedule to be decided at later date) Workshop Participants: 5 to 15 Korean children (Ages 8 to 13) (Participants subject to change according to content of workshop program) Exhibition Plan + Two exhibitions to be held based on results of workshops Date: September 2010 Venue: Ewha Woman’s University ECC and Kunsthalle in Gwangju, once each (Twice in total)


    • Workshop programs must be original creations by artist teams. Award may otherwise be cancelled. +Winning entries are expected to be published as part of project results. +Winning artist teams are obligated to consult with competition organizers and consider their opinions in the process executing their workshops.

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